CCV - Section Grid for Online

Web Schedule Fall 2023



Hybrid courses combine online instruction with limited in-person meetings throughout the semester. Hybrid courses can take place in standard or accelerated formats.

Section NumberCourse TitleLocation and Dates
AHS-1045-VJ01H Intro to Health Care This class meets online weekly and in-person at CCV Upper Valley on 9/20, 10/18, and 11/15, from 6-8:45PM.
AHS-1045-VU02H Intro to Health Care Class meets in person at CCV Winooski on Mondays 6pm to to 8:45pm 9/18, 10/9, 10/30, 11/20, and 12/11.
AHS-1410-VN01H Intro Phlebotomy This course meets online weekly and in-person at CCV Newport from 9AM-3PM on 9/9, 9/23, 10/7, 10/21, 11/11 and 12/2.
AHS-2820-VM01H Clinical Med Asst Intern This course meets online weekly and in-person at CCV Montpelier from 9AM-3PM on 9/9, 9/16, and 12/9.
ART-1011-VM01H Drawing I This course meets in person at the Montpelier Academic Center on the following dates: 9/5, 9/19, 10/3, 10/17, 10/31, 11/14, and 12/5; and online.
BIO-2011-VT01H Anatomy & Phys I Hybrid class. Meets online and in Brattleboro on Wednesdays, 6-8:45pm.
BIO-2011-VN01H Anatomy & Phys I This class meets online weekly and in-person at CCV Newport from 9AM-3PM on Saturdays 9/16, 9/30, 10/14, 10/28, 11/4, 11/25, and 12/9.
CHE-1031-VU02H Gen Chemistry I In-person classes meet at the Winooski Academic Center on the following Wednesdays from 6-8:45PM: 9/20, 10/18, 11/15, and 12/6. Hold 12/13 as a possible make-up date.
CHE-1032-VU01H Gen Chemistry II In-person classes meet on the following Tuesdays at the Winooski Academic Center from 6-8:45PM: 9/12, 10/3, 10/24, 11/14, and 12/5. Hold 12/12 for a possible make-up date.


FLEX courses are online courses with flexible assignment submission, allowing students to manage their completion pace during the semester. FLEX courses remain open for enrollment throughout the first half of the semester. Flex course enrollment for Fall 2023 ends on October 30.

Section NumberCourse Title
ACC-1010-VO02F   Computerized Accounting
ACC-1030-VO02F   Payroll Accounting
ACC-1050-VO01F   Fund of QuickBooks
ACC-2121-VO07F   Financial Accounting
AHS-1015-VO03F   Intro Health Info Systems
AHS-1205-VO07F   Medical Terminology
AHS-1205-VO08F   Medical Terminology
AHS-2165-VO02F   Health Insur Reimb & Billing
BIO-1140-VO04F   Human Biology
BUS-1010-VO07F   Intro to Business
BUS-1125-VO01F   Startup 802: Entrepren Mind
BUS-1135-VO01F   Intro Digital Marketing
BUS-2210-VO01F   Small Bus Mgmt
BUS-2410-VO02F   Human Resource Mgt
BUS-2430-VO02F   Small Bus Marketing
CIS-1035-VO01F   Foundations of Info Security
CIS-1041-VO09F   Computer Apps
CIS-1100-VO04F   Intro to Computer Science
CIS-1151-VO02F   Website Development
CIS-1350-VO02F   Desktop Operating Systems
CIS-1430-VO06F   Spreadsheets
CIS-1430-VO07F   Spreadsheets
CIS-2120-VO02F   Network & Security Foundations
COM-2060-VO01F   Imprv Wrkplace Com
INT-1013-VO01F   Personal & Prof Effectiveness
INT-1017-VO01F   Creative & Crit Thinking
INT-1019-VO01F   Effective Leadership & Collab
MAT-1030-VO11F   Applied Math Concepts
PSY-1170-VO01F   Addiction: Clinic Skills


Synchronous courses are delivered through a combination of online and regularly-scheduled Zoom sessions. In synchronous classes, students must attend Zoom sessions and actively engage with each other and faculty in course activities and discussions.


 MORNING: Start time at or after 8 am. Click on course title for exact start time.
Dimensions of Self & Society
Spanish I
Applied Math Concepts
Computer Apps
Intro to Ethics
Spanish I
Dimensions of Self & Society
Intro to Nutrition
English Comp
 EARLY AFTERNOON: Start time at or after Noon. Click on course title for exact start time.
Intro to Psych
Sign Language I
Spanish II
Sign Language I
Dimensions of Self & Society
Spanish II
 LATE AFTERNOON: Start time at or after 3 pm. Click on course title for exact start time.
Foundations of Sculpture
Guitar I
Intercultural Com
Applied Math Concepts
Body Awareness
English Comp
Statistics I
 EVENING: Start time at or after 6 pm. Click on course title for exact start time.
Community Health Worker
English Comp
English for Academic Purposes
French I
Intr Early Chld Ed
Intro to Sociology
Anatomy & Phys II
Dimensions of Self & Society
Focused Portfolio Dev
Intro to Psych
Painting I
Physics I
Portfolio & Project Devel
Sign Language I
Anatomy & Phys I
Assess Prior Lrng
Child Development
Dimensions of Self & Society
Found Read & Writ: Society
French I
Intro Research Methods
Intro to Criminal Justice
Financial Accounting
Human Growth & Dev
Seminar in Educational Inquiry
Sign Language I
Trauma: Origins & Impacts


Accelerated courses provide the same content and the same number of credits as standard courses, but are delivered in a condensed time frame. Accelerated courses take place online and can range in length up to seven weeks.




Section NumberCourse Title Start DateEnd Date
BIO-1030-VO14X Intro to Nutrition  09-05-2023 10-23-2023
BIO-2011-VO15X Anatomy & Phys I  09-05-2023 10-23-2023
ENG-1061-VO19X English Comp  09-05-2023 10-23-2023
INT-1050-VO01X Dimensions of Self & Society  09-05-2023 10-23-2023
PSY-1050-VO10X Human Growth & Dev  09-05-2023 10-23-2023
PSY-2010-VO04X Child Development  09-05-2023 10-23-2023
SOC-1010-VO06X Intro to Sociology  09-05-2023 10-23-2023
Section NumberCourse Title Start DateEnd Date
BIO-1030-VO15Y Intro to Nutrition  10-31-2023 12-18-2023
BIO-2012-VO06Y Anatomy & Phys II  10-31-2023 12-18-2023
BIO-2012-VO07Y Anatomy & Phys II  10-31-2023 12-18-2023
CIS-1430-VO01Y Spreadsheets  10-31-2023 12-18-2023
EDU-1270-VO04Y Support Young Child Div Abilit  10-31-2023 12-18-2023
PSY-1010-VO12Y Intro to Psych  10-31-2023 12-18-2023


Online courses take place 100% online via Canvas, without required in-person or Zoom meetings.

ACC-1001-VO01 Office Accounting I
ACC-1010-VO01 Computerized Accounting
ACC-1030-VO01 Payroll Accounting
ACC-2121-VO01 Financial Accounting
ACC-2121-VO02 Financial Accounting
ACC-2121-VO03 Financial Accounting
ACC-2121-VO04 Financial Accounting
ACC-2121-VO05 Financial Accounting
ACC-2122-VO01 Managerial Accounting
ACC-2122-VO02 Managerial Accounting
ACC-2201-VO01 Intermed Accounting I
ACC-2201-VO02 Intermed Accounting I
ACC-2202-VO01 Intermed Accounting II
ACC-2210-VO01 Cost Accounting
ACC-2210-VO02 Cost Accounting
AHS-1015-VO01 Intro Health Info Systems
AHS-1015-VO02 Intro Health Info Systems
AHS-1205-VO01 Medical Terminology
AHS-1205-VO02 Medical Terminology
AHS-1205-VO03 Medical Terminology
AHS-1205-VO04 Medical Terminology
AHS-1205-VO05 Medical Terminology
AHS-1205-VO06 Medical Terminology
AHS-2015-VO01 Princ of Public Health
AHS-2015-VO02 Princ of Public Health
AHS-2120-VO01 Wellness for Life
AHS-2120-VO02 Wellness for Life
AHS-2120-VO03 Wellness for Life
AHS-2121-VO01 Medical Coding I
AHS-2122-VO01 Medical Coding II
AHS-2165-VO01 Health Insur Reimb & Billing
AHS-2200-VO01 Admin Medical Assisting
AHS-2470-VO01 Pharmacology
ANT-1010-VO01 Intro Cultural Anthropology
ANT-1010-VO02 Intro Cultural Anthropology
ANT-2020-VO01 Lang, Culture & Comm
ART-1011-VO01 Drawing I
ART-1011-VO02 Drawing I
ART-1011-VO03 Drawing I
ART-1011-VO04 Drawing I
ART-1011-VO05 Drawing I
ART-1011-VO06 Drawing I
ART-1020-VO01 Intro to Studio Art
ART-1050-VO01 Art Appreciation
ART-1060-VO01 2D Design
ART-1111-VO01 Graphic Design I
ART-1111-VO02 Graphic Design I
ART-1112-VO01 Graphic Design II
ART-1210-VO01 Adobe Creative Cloud
ART-1210-VO02 Adobe Creative Cloud
ART-1210-VO03 Adobe Creative Cloud
ART-1310-VO01 Digital Photography I
ART-1310-VO02 Digital Photography I
ART-1310-VO03 Digital Photography I
ART-1350-VO01 Typography
ART-1420-VO01 Digital Animation I
ART-1711-VO01 ST in ART: User Exper Design
ART-2020-VO01 Color Theory
ART-2090-VO01 Motion Graphics
ART-2315-VO01 Digital Photography II
ARH-2011-VO01 Survey of Western Art I
ARH-2020-VO01 Art His: Vis Cult Non-West Wld
ARH-2050-VO01 Women and Art
BIO-1030-VO01 Intro to Nutrition
BIO-1030-VO02 Intro to Nutrition
BIO-1030-VO03 Intro to Nutrition
BIO-1030-VO04 Intro to Nutrition
BIO-1030-VO05 Intro to Nutrition
BIO-1030-VO06 Intro to Nutrition
BIO-1030-VO07 Intro to Nutrition
BIO-1030-VO08 Intro to Nutrition
BIO-1030-VO09 Intro to Nutrition
BIO-1030-VO10 Intro to Nutrition
BIO-1030-VO11 Intro to Nutrition
BIO-1030-VO12 Intro to Nutrition
BIO-1030-VO13 Intro to Nutrition
BIO-1030-VO14X Intro to Nutrition
BIO-1030-VO15Y Intro to Nutrition
BIO-1140-VO01 Human Biology
BIO-1140-VO02 Human Biology
BIO-1140-VO03 Human Biology
BIO-1210-VO01 Intro to Biology
BIO-1210-VO02 Intro to Biology
BIO-1211-VO01 Intro Bio: Ecology & Evolution
BIO-1211-VO02 Intro Bio: Ecology & Evolution
BIO-1212-VO01 Intro Bio: Cells Genetic Basis
BIO-1220-VO01 Botany
BIO-1240-VO01 Forest Ecology
BIO-1250-VO01 Wildlife Ecology
BIO-2011-VO01 Anatomy & Phys I
BIO-2011-VO02 Anatomy & Phys I
BIO-2011-VO03 Anatomy & Phys I
BIO-2011-VO04 Anatomy & Phys I
BIO-2011-VO05 Anatomy & Phys I
BIO-2011-VO06 Anatomy & Phys I
BIO-2011-VO07 Anatomy & Phys I
BIO-2011-VO08 Anatomy & Phys I
BIO-2011-VO09 Anatomy & Phys I
BIO-2011-VO10 Anatomy & Phys I
BIO-2011-VO13 Anatomy & Phys I
BIO-2011-VO15X Anatomy & Phys I
BIO-2012-VO01 Anatomy & Phys II
BIO-2012-VO02 Anatomy & Phys II
BIO-2012-VO03 Anatomy & Phys II
BIO-2012-VO04 Anatomy & Phys II
BIO-2012-VO06Y Anatomy & Phys II
BIO-2012-VO07Y Anatomy & Phys II
BIO-2120-VO01 Elements of Microbiology
BIO-2120-VO02 Elements of Microbiology
BIO-2120-VO03 Elements of Microbiology
BIO-2120-VO04 Elements of Microbiology
BIO-2120-VO05 Elements of Microbiology
BIO-2250-VO01 Freshwater Ecology
BIO-2260-VO01 Conservation Biology
BIO-2330-VO01 Prin of Animal Behavior
BUS-1010-VO01 Intro to Business
BUS-1010-VO02 Intro to Business
BUS-1010-VO03 Intro to Business
BUS-1010-VO04 Intro to Business
BUS-1010-VO05 Intro to Business
BUS-1010-VO06 Intro to Business
BUS-1010-VO09 Intro to Business
BUS-1135-VO02 Intro Digital Marketing
BUS-2020-VO01 Prin of Management
BUS-2020-VO02 Prin of Management
BUS-2140-VO01 Personal Finance
BUS-2140-VO02 Personal Finance
BUS-2210-VO02 Small Bus Mgmt
BUS-2210-VO03 Small Bus Mgmt
BUS-2230-VO01 Prin of Marketing
BUS-2230-VO02 Prin of Marketing
BUS-2410-VO01 Human Resource Mgt
BUS-2430-VO01 Small Bus Marketing
BUS-2440-VO01 Intro to Business Law
BUS-2440-VO02 Intro to Business Law
BUS-2440-VO03 Intro to Business Law
BUS-2714-VO01 ST in BUS: Intro to Cryptocur
BUS-2740-VO01 Bus Analysis & Decision Making
BUS-2740-VO02 Bus Analysis & Decision Making
CHE-1020-VO01 Intro Chemistry
CHE-1020-VO03 Intro Chemistry
COM-1010-VO01 Eff Workplace Com
COM-1010-VO02 Eff Workplace Com
COM-1010-VO03 Eff Workplace Com
COM-1015-VO01 Com in ECE & Afterschool Wkpl
COM-1015-VO02 Com in ECE & Afterschool Wkpl
COM-1015-VO03 Com in ECE & Afterschool Wkpl
COM-1015-VO04 Com in ECE & Afterschool Wkpl
COM-1020-VO01 Intrprs & Sm Grp Com
COM-1020-VO03 Intrprs & Sm Grp Com
COM-1030-VO01 Intercultural Com
COM-1030-VO03 Intercultural Com
COM-1030-VO04 Intercultural Com
COM-1045-VO01 Intro to Visual Com
COM-1045-VO02 Intro to Visual Com
COM-1045-VO03 Intro to Visual Com
COM-1070-VO01 Social Media & Comm
COM-1180-VO01 Story Thru Media
COM-1180-VO02 Story Thru Media
COM-2010-VO01 Prin of Persuasion
COM-2360-VO01 Conflict Resolution
CED-1311-VO01 MSSC Applicant Fee
CIS-1041-VO01 Computer Apps
CIS-1041-VO02 Computer Apps
CIS-1041-VO03 Computer Apps
CIS-1041-VO04 Computer Apps
CIS-1041-VO05 Computer Apps
CIS-1041-VO06 Computer Apps
CIS-1041-VO07 Computer Apps
CIS-1041-VO08 Computer Apps
CIS-1045-VO01 Multimedia Apps & Tools
CIS-1100-VO01 Intro to Computer Science
CIS-1100-VO02 Intro to Computer Science
CIS-1100-VO03 Intro to Computer Science
CIS-1100-VO05 Intro to Computer Science
CIS-1151-VO01 Website Development
CIS-1151-VO03 Website Development
CIS-1350-VO01 Desktop Operating Systems
CIS-1350-VO03 Desktop Operating Systems
CIS-1430-VO01Y Spreadsheets
CIS-1430-VO02 Spreadsheets
CIS-1430-VO03 Spreadsheets
CIS-1430-VO04 Spreadsheets
CIS-1430-VO05 Spreadsheets
CIS-1450-VO01 Found of Cloud Computing
CIS-2031-VO01 C/C++ Programming I
CIS-2120-VO01 Network & Security Foundations
CIS-2150-VO01 Intro to Linux
CIS-2210-VO01 Python Programming
CIS-2210-VO02 Python Programming
CIS-2230-VO01 System Admin
CIS-2245-VO01 Computer Security
CIS-2245-VO02 Computer Security
CIS-2261-VO01 Intro Java Prog I
CIS-2360-VO01 Computer User Support
CRJ-1010-VO01 Intro to Criminal Justice
CRJ-1010-VO02 Intro to Criminal Justice
CRJ-2050-VO01 Criminology
CRJ-2070-VO01 Forensics & Crime Scene Invst
CRJ-2070-VO02 Forensics & Crime Scene Invst
ECO-2020-VO01 Macroeconomics
ECO-2020-VO02 Macroeconomics
ECO-2030-VO01 Microeconomics
ECO-2030-VO02 Microeconomics
EDU-1030-VO01 Intr Early Chld Ed
EDU-1030-VO02 Intr Early Chld Ed
EDU-1030-VO03 Intr Early Chld Ed
EDU-1030-VO04 Intr Early Chld Ed
EDU-1030-VO07 Intr Early Chld Ed
EDU-1030-VO08 Intr Early Chld Ed
EDU-1240-VO01 Assess Prior Lrng
EDU-1250-VO01 Foster Creat Lrng Child
EDU-1270-VO01 Support Young Child Div Abilit
EDU-1270-VO03 Support Young Child Div Abilit
EDU-1270-VO04Y Support Young Child Div Abilit
EDU-1320-VO01 Intro to Afterschool Education
EDU-2041-VO01 Lead/Ment/Supv ECE & AS Pract
EDU-2042-VO01 Early Chd Edu & Aftersch Pg Mg
EDU-2043-VO01 Legal & Financial Issues
EDU-2045-VO01 Cur Dev for Early Childhood Ed
EDU-2045-VO02 Cur Dev for Early Childhood Ed
EDU-2045-VO03 Cur Dev for Early Childhood Ed
EDU-2075-VO01 Literature for Children
EDU-2430-VO01 Nature-Based Appch ECE & Afts
EDU-2430-VO02 Nature-Based Appch ECE & Afts
ENG-1020-VO01 Intro Research Methods
ENG-1020-VO02 Intro Research Methods
ENG-1020-VO03 Intro Research Methods
ENG-1020-VO05 Intro Research Methods
ENG-1061-VO01 English Comp
ENG-1061-VO02 English Comp
ENG-1061-VO03 English Comp
ENG-1061-VO04 English Comp
ENG-1061-VO05 English Comp
ENG-1061-VO06 English Comp
ENG-1061-VO07 English Comp
ENG-1061-VO08 English Comp
ENG-1061-VO09 English Comp
ENG-1061-VO10 English Comp
ENG-1061-VO11 English Comp
ENG-1061-VO12 English Comp
ENG-1061-VO13 English Comp
ENG-1061-VO14 English Comp
ENG-1061-VO15 English Comp
ENG-1061-VO16 English Comp
ENG-1061-VO17 English Comp
ENG-1061-VO19X English Comp
ENG-1061-VO24 English Comp
ENG-1062-VO01 English Comp II
ENG-1062-VO02 English Comp II
ENG-1070-VO01 Effective Speaking
ENG-1070-VO03 Effective Speaking
ENG-1310-VO01 Intro to Literature
ENG-1310-VO02 Intro to Literature
ENG-1350-VO01 World Mythology
ENG-1350-VO02 World Mythology
ENG-2050-VO01 Global Issues in the Media
ENG-2050-VO02 Global Issues in the Media
ENG-2101-VO01 Creative Writing
ENG-2120-VO01 Creative Writing: Poetry
ENG-2135-VO01 Tech Writing & Research
ENG-2135-VO02 Tech Writing & Research
ENG-2135-VO03 Tech Writing & Research
ENG-2145-VO01 Writ for Multimedia
ENG-2510-VO01 Women and Literature
ENG-2580-VO01 War Literature
ENV-1010-VO01 Intro to Env Sci
ENV-1010-VO02 Intro to Env Sci
ENV-1055-VO01 Earth Science
ENV-1120-VO01 Geospatial Tech
ENV-1230-VO01 Current Environ Iss
ENV-2010-VO01 Moving Toward Sustain
ENV-2175-VO01 Natural/Cultural Hist of VT
FLM-1050-VO01 Digital Filmmaking I
FLM-2050-VO01 Intro to Film Study
GEO-1010-VO01 Intro to Geography
GEO-2020-VO01 World Regions & Cultures
HIS-1111-VO01 World Hist to 1500
HIS-1112-VO01 World Hist Since 1500
HIS-1211-VO01 U.S. History to 1865
HIS-1212-VO01 U.S. History Since 1865
HIS-1220-VO01 Native Amer Hist & Cultures
HIS-2070-VO01 Vermont History
HIS-2730-VO01 Peace & Turmoil in Mod World
HUM-1240-VO01 Comedy & Humor
HUM-1240-VO02 Comedy & Humor
HUM-2010-VO01 Seminar in Educational Inquiry
HUM-2010-VO02 Seminar in Educational Inquiry
HUM-2010-VO03 Seminar in Educational Inquiry
HUM-2010-VO04 Seminar in Educational Inquiry
HUM-2010-VO05 Seminar in Educational Inquiry
HUM-2010-VO06 Seminar in Educational Inquiry
HUM-2010-VO07 Seminar in Educational Inquiry
HUM-2010-VO09 Seminar in Educational Inquiry
HUM-2020-VO01 Bioethics
HUM-2020-VO02 Bioethics
HUM-2020-VO04 Bioethics
HUM-2030-VO01 American Folklore
HUM-2040-VO01 The Holocaust
HUM-2120-VO01 Food in Lit, Cult & Film
HUM-2712-VO01 ST HUM: Utopias & Dystopias
INT-1050-VO01X Dimensions of Self & Society
INT-1050-VO02 Dimensions of Self & Society
INT-1050-VO03 Dimensions of Self & Society
INT-1050-VO04 Dimensions of Self & Society
INT-1050-VO05 Dimensions of Self & Society
INT-1050-VO06 Dimensions of Self & Society
INT-1050-VO07 Dimensions of Self & Society
INT-1050-VO08 Dimensions of Self & Society
INT-1050-VO09 Dimensions of Self & Society
INT-1050-VO10 Dimensions of Self & Society
INT-1050-VO11 Dimensions of Self & Society
INT-1050-VO12 Dimensions of Self & Society
INT-1050-VO13 Dimensions of Self & Society
INT-1050-VO15 Dimensions of Self & Society
INT-1050-VO16 Dimensions of Self & Society
INT-1050-VO17 Dimensions of Self & Society
INT-1050-VO18 Dimensions of Self & Society
INT-1050-VO19 Dimensions of Self & Society
INT-1050-VO20 Dimensions of Self & Society
INT-1050-VO21 Dimensions of Self & Society
INT-2860-VO01 Professional Field Experience
INT-2860-VO02 Professional Field Experience
INT-2860-VO03 Professional Field Experience
MAT-0210-VO01 Foundations of Math
MAT-0310-VO01 Math & Algebra for College
MAT-0310-VO02 Math & Algebra for College
MAT-1020-VO01 Intermediate Algebra
MAT-1020-VO02 Intermediate Algebra
MAT-1030-VO01 Applied Math Concepts
MAT-1030-VO02 Applied Math Concepts
MAT-1030-VO03 Applied Math Concepts
MAT-1030-VO04 Applied Math Concepts
MAT-1030-VO05 Applied Math Concepts
MAT-1030-VO06 Applied Math Concepts
MAT-1030-VO07 Applied Math Concepts
MAT-1030-VO08 Applied Math Concepts
MAT-1030-VO09 Applied Math Concepts
MAT-1030-VO10 Applied Math Concepts
MAT-1221-VO01 Finite Math
MAT-1230-VO01 College Algebra
MAT-1230-VO03 College Algebra
MAT-1330-VO01 Pre-Calculus Math
MAT-1330-VO02 Pre-Calculus Math
MAT-1531-VO01 Calculus I
MAT-1531-VO02 Calculus I
MAT-2021-VO01 Statistics I
MAT-2021-VO02 Statistics I
MAT-2021-VO03 Statistics I
MAT-2021-VO04 Statistics I
MAT-2021-VO06 Statistics I
MAT-2532-VO01 Calculus II
MET-1020-VO01 Meteorology
MUS-1010-VO01 Music Appreciation
MUS-1028-VO01 Intro to Rock & Roll
MUS-2160-VO01 Music & Audio Recording
PHI-1010-VO01 Intro Philosophy
PHI-1040-VO01 Intro to Ethics
PHI-1040-VO02 Intro to Ethics
PHI-1040-VO03 Intro to Ethics
PHI-1040-VO04 Intro to Ethics
PHI-2010-VO01 Comp Religion
PHY-1041-VO01 Physics I
PHY-1041-VO02 Physics I
PHY-1042-VO01 Physics II
PHY-1110-VO01 Intro to Astronomy
POS-1010-VO01 Intro to Poli Sci
POS-1020-VO01 Amer Pol & Govt
PSY-1010-VO01 Intro to Psych
PSY-1010-VO02 Intro to Psych
PSY-1010-VO03 Intro to Psych
PSY-1010-VO04 Intro to Psych
PSY-1010-VO05 Intro to Psych
PSY-1010-VO06 Intro to Psych
PSY-1010-VO07 Intro to Psych
PSY-1010-VO08 Intro to Psych
PSY-1010-VO09 Intro to Psych
PSY-1010-VO10 Intro to Psych
PSY-1010-VO12Y Intro to Psych
PSY-1020-VO01 Child Abuse & Neglect
PSY-1020-VO02 Child Abuse & Neglect
PSY-1030-VO02 Psych of Consciousness
PSY-1050-VO01 Human Growth & Dev
PSY-1050-VO02 Human Growth & Dev
PSY-1050-VO03 Human Growth & Dev
PSY-1050-VO04 Human Growth & Dev
PSY-1050-VO05 Human Growth & Dev
PSY-1050-VO06 Human Growth & Dev
PSY-1050-VO08 Human Growth & Dev
PSY-1050-VO09 Human Growth & Dev
PSY-1050-VO10X Human Growth & Dev
PSY-1060-VO01 Intro Health Psych
PSY-1130-VO01 Intro to Substance Use Disord
PSY-1130-VO02 Intro to Substance Use Disord
PSY-2010-VO01 Child Development
PSY-2010-VO02 Child Development
PSY-2010-VO03 Child Development
PSY-2010-VO04X Child Development
PSY-2020-VO01 Infant & Toddler Dev
PSY-2020-VO02 Infant & Toddler Dev
PSY-2025-VO01 Develop Young Child Age 3-8
PSY-2040-VM01 Social Psychology
PSY-2040-VO01 Social Psychology
PSY-2040-VO02 Social Psychology
PSY-2060-VO01 Psychopathology
PSY-2120-VO01 Human Sexuality
PSY-2130-VO01 Death & Dying
PSY-2130-VO02 Death & Dying
PSY-2155-VO01 Trauma: Origins & Impacts
PSY-2155-VO02 Trauma: Origins & Impacts
PSY-2280-VO01 Positive Psychology
SWK-1010-VO01 Intro Human Services
SWK-1010-VO02 Intro Human Services
SWK-2010-VO01 Intro to Case Management
SWK-2070-VO01 Soc Just & Pub Policy
SWK-2070-VO02 Soc Just & Pub Policy
SWK-2150-VO01 Intro Interview & Counsel Skl
SOC-1010-VO01 Intro to Sociology
SOC-1010-VO02 Intro to Sociology
SOC-1010-VO03 Intro to Sociology
SOC-1010-VO04 Intro to Sociology
SOC-1010-VO06X Intro to Sociology
SOC-1020-VO01 Ethnicity & Diversity in US
SOC-2010-VO01 Global Social Problems
SOC-2040-VO01 Race/Eth/Clas/Gend
SOC-2170-VO01 Gender Studies


Standard courses meet in person at CCV centers, typically once each week for the duration of the semester.

Section NumberCourse TitleLocationDaysTimesComments
ACC-2121-VR01 Financial Accounting RutlandTuesday06:00P - 08:45P
ACC-2121-VU01 Financial Accounting WinooskiMonday06:00P - 08:45P
AHS-1045-VR01 Intro to Health Care RutlandTuesday08:30A - 11:15A
AHS-1045-VM01 Intro to Health Care MontpelierMonday08:30A - 11:15A
AHS-1410-VU01 Intro Phlebotomy WinooskiWednesday06:00P - 08:45P
AHS-1410-VG01 Intro Phlebotomy BenningtonTuesday06:00P - 08:45P
ANT-1010-VU01 Intro Cultural Anthropology WinooskiThursday06:00P - 08:45P
ANT-1010-VM01 Intro Cultural Anthropology MontpelierMonday08:30A - 11:15A
ART-1011-VU01 Drawing I WinooskiTuesday06:00P - 08:45P
ART-1011-VU03 Drawing I WinooskiThursday11:45A - 02:30P
ART-1011-VR01 Drawing I RutlandMonday06:00P - 08:45P
ART-1011-VU02 Drawing I WinooskiWednesday08:30A - 11:15A
ART-1011-VT01 Drawing I BrattleboroFriday12:15P - 03:00P
ART-1011-VU20 Drawing I WinooskiFridayTBA -
ART-1020-VN01 Intro to Studio Art NewportWednesday06:00P - 08:45P
ART-1020-VA01 Intro to Studio Art St. AlbansMonday06:00P - 08:45P
ART-1210-VU01 Adobe Creative Cloud WinooskiTuesday11:45A - 02:30P
ART-1231-VU02 Ceramics I WinooskiThursday03:00P - 05:40P
ART-1231-VU01 Ceramics I WinooskiMonday08:30A - 11:45A
ART-1231-VU03 Ceramics I WinooskiFriday11:45A - 02:30P
ART-1310-VU01 Digital Photography I WinooskiTuesday08:30A - 11:15A
ART-1310-VM01 Digital Photography I MontpelierWednesday08:30A - 11:15A
ART-1310-VG01 Digital Photography I BenningtonMonday12:15P - 03:00P
ART-2211-VU01 Painting I WinooskiWednesday11:45A - 02:30P
ART-2311-VT01 Printmaking I BrattleboroWednesday06:00P - 08:45P
ART-2320-VR01 Stained Glass I RutlandWednesday12:15P - 03:00P
BIO-1030-VR01 Intro to Nutrition RutlandThursday03:00P - 05:40P
BIO-1030-VM01 Intro to Nutrition MontpelierMonday06:00P - 08:45P
BIO-1030-VA01 Intro to Nutrition St. AlbansThursday06:00P - 08:45P
BIO-1030-VU01 Intro to Nutrition WinooskiWednesday06:00P - 08:45P
BIO-1030-VU02 Intro to Nutrition WinooskiTuesday08:30A - 11:15A
BIO-1140-VU01 Human Biology WinooskiThursday06:00P - 08:45P
BIO-1240-VR01 Forest Ecology RutlandWednesday06:00P - 08:45P
BIO-1250-VU01 Wildlife Ecology WinooskiMonday11:45A - 02:30P
BIO-2011-VJ01 Anatomy & Phys I Upper ValleyTuesday & Thursday11:45A - 02:30P
BIO-2011-VG02 Anatomy & Phys I BenningtonTuesday & Thursday03:00P - 05:40P
BIO-2011-VG01 Anatomy & Phys I BenningtonTuesday & Thursday09:00A - 11:45A
BIO-2011-VM01 Anatomy & Phys I MontpelierMonday & Wednesday11:45A - 02:30P
BIO-2011-VR01 Anatomy & Phys I RutlandTuesday & Thursday06:00P - 08:45P
BIO-2011-VA01 Anatomy & Phys I St. AlbansMonday & Wednesday06:00P - 08:45P
BIO-2011-VU02 Anatomy & Phys I WinooskiTuesday & Thursday06:00P - 08:45P
BIO-2011-VU03 Anatomy & Phys I WinooskiMonday & Wednesday08:30A - 11:15A
BIO-2011-VU01 Anatomy & Phys I WinooskiTuesday & Thursday11:45A - 02:30P
BIO-2012-VU01 Anatomy & Phys II WinooskiTuesday & Thursday08:30A - 11:15A
BIO-2120-VU01 Elements of Microbiology WinooskiMonday & Wednesday11:45A - 02:30P
BUS-1010-VR01 Intro to Business RutlandMonday06:00P - 08:45P
BUS-1010-VT01 Intro to Business BrattleboroFriday09:00A - 11:45A
BUS-1010-VU02 Intro to Business WinooskiThursday06:00P - 08:45P
BUS-1010-VU01 Intro to Business WinooskiMonday08:30A - 11:15A
BUS-2440-VU01 Intro to Business Law WinooskiTuesday06:00P - 08:45P
CED-0070-VU01 Burlington Community Choir WinooskiWednesday07:00P - 08:30P
CHE-1020-VM01 Intro Chemistry MontpelierTuesday & Thursday11:45A - 02:30P
CHE-1031-VU01 Gen Chemistry I WinooskiMonday & Wednesday11:45A - 02:30P
CIS-1041-VR01 Computer Apps RutlandThursday08:30A - 11:15A
CIS-1041-VJ01 Computer Apps Upper ValleyTuesday06:00P - 08:45P
CIS-1041-VG01 Computer Apps BenningtonWednesday06:00P - 08:45P
CIS-1041-VA01 Computer Apps St. AlbansTuesday06:00P - 08:45P
CIS-1041-VU01 Computer Apps WinooskiWednesday06:00P - 08:45P
CIS-1100-VT01 Intro to Computer Science BrattleboroWednesday06:00P - 08:45P
CIS-1430-VU01 Spreadsheets WinooskiThursday08:30A - 11:15A
CIS-2210-VU01 Python Programming WinooskiFriday10:15A - 01:00P
COM-1010-VN01 Eff Workplace Com NewportWednesday09:00A - 11:45A
COM-1010-VU01 Eff Workplace Com WinooskiWednesday11:45A - 02:30P
COM-1015-VU01 Com in ECE & Afterschool Wkpl WinooskiMonday06:00P - 08:45P
COM-1020-VJ01 Intrprs & Sm Grp Com Upper ValleyThursday08:30A - 11:15A
COM-1020-VU01 Intrprs & Sm Grp Com WinooskiTuesday11:45A - 02:30P
COM-1030-VT01 Intercultural Com BrattleboroTuesday06:00P - 08:45P
COM-1180-VM01 Story Thru Media MontpelierFriday08:30A - 11:15A
DAN-1030-VM01 Body Awareness MontpelierThursday11:45A - 02:30P
ECO-2020-VU01 Macroeconomics WinooskiThursday06:00P - 08:45P
EDU-1030-VU01 Intr Early Chld Ed WinooskiWednesday06:00P - 08:45P
EDU-1270-VT01 Support Young Child Div Abilit BrattleboroThursday06:00P - 08:45P
ENG-1020-VT01 Intro Research Methods BrattleboroThursday06:00P - 08:45P
ENG-1020-VM01 Intro Research Methods MontpelierMonday11:45A - 02:30P
ENG-1061-VJ01 English Comp Upper ValleyMonday06:00P - 08:45P
ENG-1061-VA01 English Comp St. AlbansWednesday06:00P - 08:45P
ENG-1061-VN01 English Comp NewportThursday09:00A - 11:45A
ENG-1061-VU06 English Comp WinooskiWednesday08:30A - 11:15A
ENG-1061-VU01 English Comp WinooskiMonday06:00P - 08:45P
ENG-1061-VM01 English Comp MontpelierWednesday11:45A - 02:30P
ENG-1061-VR01 English Comp RutlandWednesday06:00P - 08:45P
ENG-1061-VU04 English Comp WinooskiWednesday11:45A - 02:30P
ENG-1061-VT01 English Comp BrattleboroThursday09:00A - 11:45A
ENG-1061-VU03 English Comp WinooskiThursday08:30A - 11:15A
ENG-1061-VG01 English Comp BenningtonMonday09:00A - 11:45A
ENG-1061-VU05 English Comp WinooskiFriday11:45A - 02:30P
ENG-1061-VU02 English Comp WinooskiTuesday11:45A - 02:30P
ENG-1062-VU01 English Comp II WinooskiWednesday11:45A - 02:30P
ENG-1070-VG01 Effective Speaking BenningtonThursday06:00P - 08:45P
ENG-1070-VR01 Effective Speaking RutlandWednesday03:00P - 05:40P
ENG-1070-VU01 Effective Speaking WinooskiMonday11:45A - 02:30P
ENG-1350-VG01 World Mythology BenningtonMonday06:00P - 08:45P
ENG-2050-VG01 Global Issues in the Media BenningtonWednesday06:00P - 08:45P
ENG-2050-VR01 Global Issues in the Media RutlandMonday03:00P - 05:40P
ENG-2101-VT01 Creative Writing BrattleboroTuesday06:00P - 08:45P
ENV-1010-VU01 Intro to Env Sci WinooskiThursday11:45A - 02:30P
ENV-1010-VM01 Intro to Env Sci MontpelierThursday08:30A - 11:15A
ENV-2175-VU01 Natural/Cultural Hist of VT WinooskiMonday & Wednesday08:30A - 11:15A
FLM-2050-VR01 Intro to Film Study RutlandThursday06:00P - 08:45P
HIS-2270-VM01 Society & Environ in Hist MontpelierWednesday08:30A - 11:15A
HUM-2010-VU02 Seminar in Educational Inquiry WinooskiWednesday11:45A - 02:30P
INT-1050-VR02 Dimensions of Self & Society RutlandThursday06:00P - 08:45P
INT-1050-VR01 Dimensions of Self & Society RutlandMonday12:15P - 03:00P
INT-1050-VU07 Dimensions of Self & Society WinooskiMonday11:45A - 02:30P
INT-1050-VN01 Dimensions of Self & Society NewportTuesday09:00A - 11:45A
INT-1050-VG02 Dimensions of Self & Society BenningtonWednesday09:00A - 11:45A
INT-1050-VU05 Dimensions of Self & Society WinooskiThursday11:45A - 02:30P
INT-1050-VU01 Dimensions of Self & Society WinooskiMonday06:00P - 08:45P
INT-1050-VU06 Dimensions of Self & Society WinooskiMonday08:30A - 11:15A
INT-1050-VU03 Dimensions of Self & Society WinooskiThursday06:00P - 08:45P
INT-1050-VT01 Dimensions of Self & Society BrattleboroTuesday09:00A - 11:45A
INT-1050-VA02 Dimensions of Self & Society St. AlbansWednesday06:00P - 08:45P
INT-1050-VJ01 Dimensions of Self & Society Upper ValleyWednesday08:30A - 11:15A
INT-1050-VM02 Dimensions of Self & Society MontpelierWednesday08:30A - 11:15A
INT-1050-VU04 Dimensions of Self & Society WinooskiWednesday11:45A - 02:30P
INT-1050-VT02 Dimensions of Self & Society BrattleboroThursday06:00P - 08:45P
INT-1050-VM01 Dimensions of Self & Society MontpelierMonday11:45A - 02:30P
INT-1050-VA01 Dimensions of Self & Society St. AlbansTuesday11:45A - 02:30P
INT-1050-VU02 Dimensions of Self & Society WinooskiTuesday11:45A - 02:30P
MAT-0310-VU01 Math & Algebra for College WinooskiMonday08:30A - 11:15A
MAT-1030-VR01 Applied Math Concepts RutlandWednesday08:30A - 11:15A
MAT-1030-VA01 Applied Math Concepts St. AlbansMonday06:00P - 08:45P
MAT-1030-VG01 Applied Math Concepts BenningtonWednesday12:15P - 03:00P
MAT-1030-VJ01 Applied Math Concepts Upper ValleyTuesday03:00P - 05:40P
MAT-1030-VN01 Applied Math Concepts NewportThursday12:15P - 03:00P
MAT-1030-VT02 Applied Math Concepts BrattleboroMonday06:00P - 08:45P
MAT-1030-VU03 Applied Math Concepts WinooskiWednesday08:30A - 11:15A
MAT-1030-VU02 Applied Math Concepts WinooskiTuesday11:45A - 02:30P
MAT-1030-VT01 Applied Math Concepts BrattleboroFriday12:15P - 03:00P
MAT-1030-VM01 Applied Math Concepts MontpelierThursday11:45A - 02:30P
MAT-1230-VU01 College Algebra WinooskiWednesday11:45A - 02:30P
MAT-1330-VU01 Pre-Calculus Math WinooskiTuesday & Thursday11:30A - 01:30P
MAT-1531-VU01 Calculus I WinooskiMonday & Wednesday11:45A - 01:45P
MAT-2021-VM01 Statistics I MontpelierMonday08:30A - 11:15A
MAT-2021-VU01 Statistics I WinooskiTuesday08:30A - 11:15A
MEC-1330-VU01 Fund of Engineering & Design WinooskiMonday06:00P - 08:45P This class is a partnership between CCV and the Generator Makerspace in Burlington. Students will receive a free 2-month membership to the Generator. Students must be 18 years or older. On the following dates, class will be held at CCV-Winooski: 9/11, 9/18, 9/25, and 10/5. On the following dates, class will be held at the Generator in Burlington: 10/9, 10/16, 10/23, 10/30, 11/6, 11/13, 11/20, 11/27, 12/4, and 12/11. On the following date, class will be held at CCV-Winooski: 12/18.
OER-1075-VU01X Intro to Outdoor Advent WinooskiFriday09:00A - 03:00P In addition to weekly Friday meetings, this class will also meet on 10/7, from 9AM-3PM. (Please hold 10/14, from 9AM-3PM as a possible make-up date, if needed.)
PHI-1010-VT01 Intro Philosophy BrattleboroTuesday & Thursday01:30P - 02:45P
PHI-1040-VJ01 Intro to Ethics Upper ValleyMonday08:30A - 11:15A
PHI-1040-VR01 Intro to Ethics RutlandWednesday06:00P - 08:45P
PHY-1041-VU01 Physics I WinooskiMonday & Wednesday08:30A - 11:15A
PHY-1110-VG01 Intro to Astronomy BenningtonTuesday06:00P - 08:45P
PHY-1110-VT01 Intro to Astronomy BrattleboroMonday & Wednesday01:30P - 02:45P
POS-1020-VM01 Amer Pol & Govt MontpelierTuesday08:30A - 11:15A
POS-1020-VU01 Amer Pol & Govt WinooskiWednesday06:00P - 08:45P
PSY-1010-VG01 Intro to Psych BenningtonMonday03:00P - 05:40P
PSY-1010-VA01 Intro to Psych St. AlbansWednesday06:00P - 08:45P
PSY-1010-VJ01 Intro to Psych Upper ValleyThursday06:00P - 08:45P
PSY-1010-VU01 Intro to Psych WinooskiMonday06:00P - 08:45P
PSY-1010-VR01 Intro to Psych RutlandTuesday03:00P - 05:40P
PSY-1010-VU02 Intro to Psych WinooskiWednesday11:45A - 02:30P
PSY-1050-VN01 Human Growth & Dev NewportTuesday12:15P - 03:00P
PSY-1050-VA01 Human Growth & Dev St. AlbansTuesday06:00P - 08:45P
PSY-1050-VG01 Human Growth & Dev BenningtonThursday12:15P - 03:00P
PSY-1050-VU01 Human Growth & Dev WinooskiThursday08:30A - 11:15A
PSY-1050-VT01 Human Growth & Dev BrattleboroThursday09:00A - 11:45A
PSY-2040-VM01 Social Psychology MontpelierTuesdayTBA -
PSY-2155-VT01 Trauma: Origins & Impacts BrattleboroMonday06:00P - 08:45P
SLS-1011-VU01 Sign Language I WinooskiMonday & Wednesday03:00P - 04:30P
SLS-1011-VM01 Sign Language I MontpelierTuesday08:30A - 11:15A
SOC-1010-VJ01 Intro to Sociology Upper ValleyTuesday08:30A - 11:15A
SOC-1010-VU01 Intro to Sociology WinooskiTuesday08:30A - 11:15A
SOC-1020-VU01 Ethnicity & Diversity in US WinooskiTuesday06:00P - 08:45P
SOC-2010-VM01 Global Social Problems MontpelierThursday08:30A - 11:15A