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Revision Date: 26-Apr-20

BUS-2430-VO01 - Small Business Marketing

Online Class

Online courses take place 100% online via Canvas, without required in-person or Zoom meetings.

Synonym: 197909
Location: Online
Credits: 3 (45 hours)
Day/Times: Meets online
Semester Dates: 09-08-2020 to 12-21-2020
Last day to drop without a grade: 09-28-2020 - Refund Policy
Last day to withdraw (W grade): 11-09-2020 - Refund Policy
Faculty: Jeffrey Weinstein | View Faculty Credentials
This course has started, please contact the offering academic center about registration

Course Description:

An introduction to principles and techniques of marketing with specific applications to the small business: problems and solutions in marketing research, advertising, pricing, and selling. Topics include data collection and interpretation, choice and use of media, analyzing marketing mix and pricing in small business situations, and the principles and stages of the selling process.

Essential Objectives:

1. Describe the relationships among marketing, sales, advertising, and public relations.
2. Identify the elements and describe the process for developing a marketing strategy for a product or business.
3. Identify and assess the primary and secondary data available to a small business person.
4. Identify marketing research resources within the student's own community.
5. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of TV, radio, newspaper, magazines, direct mail and the Internet as sources of advertising for a particular application.
6. Evaluate the effectiveness of several marketing research techniques (e.g. personal interview, give-aways, surveys, direct response ads).
7. Develop a marketing plan for a small business.
8. Discuss the ethical considerations inherent in marketing decisions.
9. Analyze the financial impact of a marketing plan through the use of pro-forma financial statements.

Additional Instructor Pre-Assignments/Notes/Comments:

I'm looking forward to a great semester. I designed the class to offer an interesting variety of activities that allows students to apply learned concepts in a range of marketing activities.

I am currently updating the Canvas course site, but you can preview the class here:

This class requires only one textbook,Principles of Marketing, from Flatworld Publishing. Students can access the online book or ebook directly from the publisher or order a printed text through CCV's book store.

Flatworld Publishing:


Our Small Business Marketing class uses-

  • assigned readings
  • teaching notes
  • discussions
  • independent and group work
  • case studies and articles
  • video, and
  • completion of a business marketing plan

We will study marketing theory and explore how these core marketing concepts are applied in business practice.

Evaluation Criteria:

Attendance and Class Participation 10%
Both attendance and class participation are measured via attending class, being prepared to participate by completing the readings and reviewing the resources, and contributing to the dynamic of the class. Student comments, questions and discussions contribute to a lively and interesting class and are vital ingredients for creating a positive experience for students (and me!). Please contribute to each class discussion in a productive, inquisitive and insightful manner. Communicate with a respectful and positive attitude.

Assignments, Quizzes, Discussions 50%
There will be discussions, case studies, quizzes and a collaborative project. Each assignment will be worth a specified amount of points. Assignments will include:

* Discussions
* Group Activities
* Assignments
* Case studies

Marketing Plan 20%
Our Marketing Plan project is designed to supplement our study of marketing principles with practical application. You will research and submit a marketing plan for a business of your choosing. I will lead you through building the marketing plan step-by-step throughout the semester. The final draft of the plan will be submitted the last week of the semester.

Exam/s 20%

Policy on late assignments: It is expected that assignments will be completed on time. If you will not be available when an assignment is due, please contact me ahead of time.Late assignments will not be accepted. However, if extenuating circumstances prevent you from submitting an assignment on time, please let me know. Please know that even if alternative arrangements are agreed upon for submitting an assignment later, only partial credit will be awarded for completed work.

Grading Criteria:

A+ through A- (98-100 A+, 93-97 A, 90-92 A-)
Exceptional achievement of the course objectives evidenced by:
* thoughtful and insightful completion of all assignments
* consistent demonstration of in-depth understanding of the subject matter through active
participation in class discussion
*consistent demonstration of connections made between class discussions/assignmentsand
the practicalapplication
* innovative and critical thinking with regard to class content area

B+ through B- (88-89 B+, 84-87 B, 80-83 B-)
Above average achievement of the course objectives will be evidenced by:
* thoughtful completion of all assignments
* frequent demonstration of in-depth understanding of the subject matter through active
participation in class discussion
*frequent demonstration of connections made between class discussions/assignments and
the practical applications
* critical thinking with regard to class content area

C+ through C- (78-79 C+, 74-77 C, 70-73 C-)
Adequate achievement of course objectives will be evidenced by:
* thoughtful completion of assignments
* frequent demonstration of basic understanding of the subject matter through active
participation in class discussion
*demonstration of connections made between class discussions/assignments and the practical

D+ through D- (68-69 D+, 64-67 D, 60-63 D-)
Marginal achievement of course objectives will be evidenced by:
* some attempts to thoughtfully complete assignments
* basic comprehension of subject matter
* attempts to demonstrate connections made between class discussions/assignments and practical

F Failure (59 and below)
Failure to meet course objectives will be evidenced by:
* failure to attempt to thoughtfully complete assignments
* failure to actively participate in class discussions
* failure to demonstrate basic comprehension of subject matter
* failure to attempt to make connections between class discussions/assignments and practical


Fall 2020 textbook data will be available on July 6. On that date a link will be available below that will take you to eCampus, CCV's bookstore. The information provided there will be for this course only. Please see this page for more information regarding the purchase of textbooks.

The last day to use a Financial Aid advance to purchase textbooks is the 3rd Tuesday of the semester. See your financial aid counselor at your academic center if you have any questions.

Contact Faculty:

Email: Jeffrey Weinstein
Hiring Coordinator for this course: Theodore Pappadopoulos

Attendance Policy:

Active participation is essential for successful learning in our classroom environment. Whenever possible, please contact me ahead of time if you will not be attending class.

Absence for more than three classes (4 or more absences) will result in a failure for this class.

If you have any questions about materials please reference our class Canvas page, the class syllabus,or email me. I am always available to support you and to answer any questions you may have. If an assignment is due a week you will not be present, please complete the assignment early to earn full credit.

Accessibility Services for Students with Disabilities: CCV strives to mitigate barriers to course access for students with documented disabilities. To request accommodations, please

  1. Provide disability documentation to the Accessibility Coordinator at your academic center.
  2. Request an appointment to meet with accessibility coordinator to discuss your request and create an accommodation plan.
  3. Once created, students will share the accommodation plan with faculty. Please note, faculty cannot make disability accommodations outside of this process.

Academic Honesty: CCV has a commitment to honesty and excellence in academic work and expects the same from all students. Academic dishonesty, or cheating, can occur whenever you present -as your own work- something that you did not do. You can also be guilty of cheating if you help someone else cheat. Being unaware of what constitutes academic dishonesty (such as knowing what plagiarism is) does not absolve a student of the responsibility to be honest in his/her academic work. Academic dishonesty is taken very seriously and may lead to dismissal from the College.

Course description details subject to change. Please refer to this document frequently.

To check on space availability, choose Search for Classes.

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