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Fall 2019 Schedule

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ACC-1001-VO01 Office Accounting I
ACC-1010-VO01 Computerized Accounting
ACC-1010-VO02 Computerized Accounting
ACC-1030-VO01 Payroll Accounting
ACC-2121-VO01 Financial Accounting
ACC-2121-VO02 Financial Accounting
ACC-2121-VO03 Financial Accounting
ACC-2122-VO01 Managerial Accounting
ACC-2122-VO02 Managerial Accounting
ACC-2201-VO01 Intermed Accounting I
ACC-2201-VO02 Intermed Accounting I
ACC-2210-VO01 Cost Accounting
ACC-2230-VO01 Federal Taxes
AHS-1015-VO01 Intro Health Info Systems
AHS-1205-VO01 Medical Terminology
AHS-1205-VO02 Medical Terminology
AHS-1205-VO03 Medical Terminology
AHS-1205-VO04 Medical Terminology
AHS-1712-VO40 ST in AHS: Intro to Pharmacy
AHS-2120-VO01 Wellness for Life
AHS-2120-VO03 Wellness for Life
AHS-2121-VO01 Med Billing & Coding I
AHS-2121-VO02 Med Billing & Coding I
AHS-2122-VO01 Med Billing & Coding II
AHS-2200-VO01 Admin Medical Assisting
ANT-1010-VO01 Intro Cultural Anthropology
ANT-1010-VO01Y Intro Cultural Anthropology
ART-1011-VO01 Drawing I
ART-1050-VO01 Art Appreciation
ART-1060-VO01 2-Dimens Design
ART-1111-VO01 Graphic Design I
ART-1210-VO01 Adobe Creative Cloud
ART-1210-VO02 Adobe Creative Cloud
ART-1310-VO01 Digital Photography I
ART-1350-VO01 Typography
ART-1420-VO01 Digital Animation
ART-2020-VO01 Color Theory
ARH-2011-VO01 Survey of Western Art I
ARH-2050-VO01 Women and Art
BIO-1030-VO01 Intro to Nutrition
BIO-1030-VO01X Intro to Nutrition
BIO-1030-VO01Y Intro to Nutrition
BIO-1030-VO02 Intro to Nutrition
BIO-1030-VO02Y Intro to Nutrition
BIO-1030-VO03 Intro to Nutrition
BIO-1030-VO06 Intro to Nutrition
BIO-1030-VO07 Intro to Nutrition
BIO-1140-VO01 Human Biology
BIO-1140-VO02 Human Biology
BIO-1140-VO03 Human Biology
BIO-1210-VO01 Intro to Biology
BIO-1210-VO02 Intro to Biology
BIO-1211-VO01 Intro Bio: Ecology & Evolution
BIO-1212-VO01 Intro Bio: Cells Genetic Basis
BIO-1240-VO01 Forest Ecology
BIO-1250-VO01 Wildlife Ecology
BIO-2011-VO01 Anatomy & Phys I
BIO-2011-VO02 Anatomy & Phys I
BIO-2011-VO03 Anatomy & Phys I
BIO-2011-VO04 Anatomy & Phys I
BIO-2011-VO05 Anatomy & Phys I
BIO-2012-VO01 Anatomy & Phys II
BIO-2012-VO02 Anatomy & Phys II
BIO-2012-VO03 Anatomy & Phys II
BIO-2012-VO04 Anatomy & Phys II
BIO-2120-VO01 Microbiology
BIO-2120-VO02 Microbiology
BIO-2120-VO03 Microbiology
BIO-2120-VO04 Microbiology
BIO-2120-VO05 Microbiology
BIO-2250-VO01 Freshwater Ecology
BIO-2330-VO01 Prin of Animal Behavior
BUS-1010-VO01 Intro to Business
BUS-1010-VO01X Intro to Business
BUS-1010-VO02 Intro to Business
BUS-1010-VO03 Intro to Business
BUS-1230-VO01 Advertising
BUS-1320-VO01 Prin of Supervision
BUS-1330-VO01 Personal & Prof Effectiveness
BUS-1712-VO40 ST: Customer Service
BUS-2020-VO01 Prin of Management
BUS-2140-VO01 Personal Finance
BUS-2210-VO01 Small Bus Mgmt
BUS-2230-VO01 Prin of Marketing
BUS-2230-VO01X Prin of Marketing
BUS-2410-VO01 Human Resource Mgt
BUS-2425-VO01 Admin Management
BUS-2430-VO01 Small Bus Marketing
BUS-2450-VO01 Business Law
BUS-2450-VO02 Business Law
BUS-2740-VO01 Bus Analysis & Decision Making
COM-1010-VO01 Eff Workplace Com
COM-1010-VO01Y Eff Workplace Com
COM-1020-VO01 Intrprs & Sm Grp Com
COM-1020-VO02 Intrprs & Sm Grp Com
COM-1030-VO01 Intercultural Com
COM-1045-VO01 Intro to Visual Com
COM-1180-VO01 Story Thru Media
COM-2360-VO01Y Conflict Resolution
CED-0163-VO01 New Student Orientation
CED-0286-VO01 Professional Field Exp Prep
CED-0286-VO02 Professional Field Exp Prep
CED-2480-VO01 Intro to Online Teaching
CIS-1041-VO01 Computer Apps
CIS-1041-VO01Y Computer Apps
CIS-1041-VO02 Computer Apps
CIS-1041-VO03 Computer Apps
CIS-1041-VO04 Computer Apps
CIS-1045-VO01 Multimedia Apps & Tools
CIS-1100-VO01 Intro to Computer Science
CIS-1151-VO01 Website Development
CIS-1322-VO01 Word Processing
CIS-1350-VO01 Desktop Operating Systems
CIS-1360-VO01 Database Mgmt Syst
CIS-1430-VO01 Spreadsheets
CIS-1430-VO01X Spreadsheets
CIS-1430-VO02 Spreadsheets
CIS-1430-VO03 Spreadsheets
CIS-2031-VO01 C/C++ Programming I
CIS-2040-VO01 Management Info Systems
CIS-2110-VO01 Concepts of PC Hardware
CIS-2120-VO01 Concepts of LANs
CIS-2150-VO01 Intro to Linux
CIS-2230-VO01 System Admin
CIS-2245-VO01 Computer Security
CIS-2271-VO01 Java Programming
CIS-2272-VO01 Interm Java Progrm
CIS-2360-VO01 Computer User Support
CRJ-1010-VO01 Intro to Criminal Justice
CRJ-1010-VO02 Intro to Criminal Justice
CRJ-2050-VO01 Criminology
ECO-2020-VO01 Macroeconomics
ECO-2020-VO01Y Macroeconomics
ECO-2030-VO01 Microeconomics
EDU-1030-VO01 Intr Early Chld Ed
EDU-1030-VO01Y Intr Early Chld Ed
EDU-1030-VO02 Intr Early Chld Ed
EDU-1225-VO01 Focused Portfolio Dev
EDU-1240-VO01 Assess Prior Lrng
EDU-1250-VO01 Foster Creat Lrng Child
EDU-1270-VO01 Support Young Child Div Abilit
EDU-1270-VO01X Support Young Child Div Abilit
EDU-1270-VO02 Support Young Child Div Abilit
EDU-2042-VO01 Early Chd Edu & Aftersch Pg Mg
EDU-2042-VO01X Early Chd Edu & Aftersch Pg Mg
EDU-2042-VO02 Early Chd Edu & Aftersch Pg Mg
EDU-2043-VO01 Legal & Financial Issues
EDU-2045-VO01 Cur Dev in Early Childhood Ed
EDU-2045-VO01Y Cur Dev in Early Childhood Ed
EDU-2045-VO02 Cur Dev in Early Childhood Ed
EDU-2075-VO01 Literature for Children
ENG-1020-VO01 Intro Research Methods
ENG-1020-VO02 Intro Research Methods
ENG-1020-VO03 Intro Research Methods
ENG-1061-VO01 English Comp
ENG-1061-VO01X English Comp
ENG-1061-VO02 English Comp
ENG-1061-VO03 English Comp
ENG-1061-VO04 English Comp
ENG-1061-VO05 English Comp
ENG-1061-VO06 English Comp
ENG-1061-VO07 English Comp
ENG-1061-VO08 English Comp
ENG-1061-VO09 English Comp
ENG-1062-VO01 English Comp II
ENG-1062-VO01Y English Comp II
ENG-1062-VO02 English Comp II
ENG-1070-VO01X Effective Speaking
ENG-1310-VO01 Intro to Literature
ENG-1350-VO01 World Mythology
ENG-2050-VO01 Global Issues in the Media
ENG-2050-VO02 Global Issues in the Media
ENG-2101-VO01 Creative Writing
ENG-2135-VO01 Tech Writing & Research
ENG-2135-VO02 Tech Writing & Research
ENG-2145-VO01 Writ for Multimedia
ENV-1010-VO01 Intro to Env Sci
ENV-1055-VO01 Earth Science
ENV-1230-VO01 Current Environ Iss
ENV-2050-VO01 Nat Hist of VT
FLM-1050-VO01 Digital Filmmaking I
GEO-1010-VO01 Intro to Geography
GEO-2020-VO01 World Regions & Cultures
HIS-1111-VO01 World Hist I
HIS-1112-VO01 World Hist II
HIS-1211-VO01 U.S. History to 1865
HIS-1212-VO01 U.S. History Since 1865
HIS-1220-VO01 Native Amer Hist & Cultures
HIS-2070-VO01 Vermont History
HUM-2010-VO01 Seminar in Educational Inquiry
HUM-2010-VO02 Seminar in Educational Inquiry
HUM-2010-VO03 Seminar in Educational Inquiry
HUM-2010-VO05 Seminar in Educational Inquiry
HUM-2010-VO06 Seminar in Educational Inquiry
HUM-2020-VO01 Bioethics
HUM-2020-VO01X Bioethics
HUM-2020-VO02 Bioethics
HUM-2020-VO04 Bioethics
HUM-2040-VO01Y The Holocaust
INT-1050-VO01 Dimensions of Self & Society
INT-1050-VO01X Dimensions of Self & Society
INT-1050-VO02 Dimensions of Self & Society
INT-1050-VO03 Dimensions of Self & Society
INT-1050-VO04 Dimensions of Self & Society
INT-1050-VO05 Dimensions of Self & Society
INT-1050-VO08 Dimensions of Self & Society
INT-1050-VO09 Dimensions of Self & Society
INT-2860-VO01 Professional Field Experience
INT-2860-VO02 Professional Field Experience
MAT-0310-VO01 Math & Algebra for College
MAT-1030-VO01 Applied Math Concepts
MAT-1030-VO02 Applied Math Concepts
MAT-1030-VO03 Applied Math Concepts
MAT-1030-VO04 Applied Math Concepts
MAT-1030-VO05 Applied Math Concepts
MAT-1030-VO06 Applied Math Concepts
MAT-1221-VO01 Finite Math
MAT-1230-VO01 College Algebra
MAT-1330-VO01 Pre-Calculus Math
MAT-1531-VO01 Calculus I
MAT-1531-VO02 Calculus I
MAT-2021-VO01 Statistics
MAT-2021-VO01X Statistics
MAT-2021-VO02 Statistics
MAT-2021-VO03 Statistics
MAT-2532-VO01 Calculus II
MUS-1010-VO01 Music Appreciation
MUS-1028-VO01 Intro to Rock & Roll
MUS-1060-VO01 Intro to World Music
PHI-1010-VO01 Intro Philosophy
PHI-1040-VO01 Intro to Ethics
PHI-1040-VO02 Intro to Ethics
PHI-2010-VO01 Comp Religion
PHY-1041-VO01 Physics I
PHY-1110-VO01 Intro to Astronomy
POS-1010-VO01 Intro to Poli Sci
POS-1020-VO01 Amer Pol & Govt
POS-1050-VO01 The Constitution
POS-2141-VO01 Legal Studies I
PSY-1010-VO01 Intro to Psych
PSY-1010-VO01X Intro to Psych
PSY-1010-VO02 Intro to Psych
PSY-1010-VO03 Intro to Psych
PSY-1010-VO04 Intro to Psych
PSY-1010-VO05 Intro to Psych
PSY-1010-VO06 Intro to Psych
PSY-1020-VO01 Child Abuse & Neglect
PSY-1020-VO02 Child Abuse & Neglect
PSY-1030-VO01 Psych of Consciousness
PSY-1050-VO01 Human Growth & Dev
PSY-1050-VO01X Human Growth & Dev
PSY-1050-VO01Y Human Growth & Dev
PSY-1050-VO02 Human Growth & Dev
PSY-1050-VO03 Human Growth & Dev
PSY-1050-VO04 Human Growth & Dev
PSY-1130-VO01 Intro to Substance Use Disord
PSY-1150-VO01 Subst Use Disord: Servc/Treat
PSY-2010-VO01 Child Development
PSY-2010-VO01X Child Development
PSY-2010-VO02 Child Development
PSY-2020-VO01 Infant & Toddler Dev
PSY-2025-VO01 Develop Young Child Age 3-8
PSY-2040-VO01 Social Psychology
PSY-2060-VO01 Psychopathology
PSY-2130-VO01 Death & Dying
PSY-2280-VO01 Positive Psychology
PSY-2420-VO01 Group Process
SWK-1010-VO01 Intro Human Services
SWK-1010-VO02 Intro Human Services
SWK-2010-VO01 Intro to Case Management
SWK-2070-VO01 Soc Just & Pub Policy
SOC-1010-VO01 Intro to Sociology
SOC-1010-VO01X Intro to Sociology
SOC-1010-VO02 Intro to Sociology
SOC-1020-VO01 Ethnicity & Diversity in US
SOC-2010-VO01 Global Social Problems
SOC-2010-VO01X Global Social Problems
SOC-2040-VO01 Race/Eth/Clas/Gend



Section NumberCourse Title Start DateEnd Date
BIO-1030-VO01X Intro to Nutrition  09-03-2019 10-21-2019
BUS-1010-VO01X Intro to Business  09-03-2019 10-21-2019
BUS-2230-VO01X Prin of Marketing  09-03-2019 10-21-2019
CIS-1430-VO01X Spreadsheets  09-03-2019 10-21-2019
EDU-1270-VO01X Support Young Child Div Abilit  09-03-2019 10-21-2019
EDU-2042-VO01X Early Chd Edu & Aftersch Pg Mg  09-03-2019 10-21-2019
ENG-1061-VO01X English Comp  09-03-2019 10-21-2019
ENG-1070-VO01X Effective Speaking  09-03-2019 10-21-2019
HUM-2020-VO01X Bioethics  09-03-2019 10-21-2019
INT-1050-VO01X Dimensions of Self & Society  09-03-2019 10-21-2019
MAT-2021-VO01X Statistics  09-03-2019 10-21-2019
PSY-1010-VO01X Intro to Psych  09-03-2019 10-21-2019
PSY-1050-VO01X Human Growth & Dev  09-03-2019 10-21-2019
PSY-2010-VO01X Child Development  09-03-2019 10-21-2019
SOC-1010-VO01X Intro to Sociology  09-03-2019 10-21-2019
SOC-2010-VO01X Global Social Problems  09-03-2019 10-21-2019
Section NumberCourse Title Start DateEnd Date
ANT-1010-VO01Y Intro Cultural Anthropology  10-29-2019 12-16-2019
BIO-1030-VO01Y Intro to Nutrition  10-29-2019 12-16-2019
BIO-1030-VO02Y Intro to Nutrition  10-29-2019 12-16-2019
CIS-1041-VO01Y Computer Apps  10-29-2019 12-16-2019
COM-1010-VO01Y Eff Workplace Com  10-29-2019 12-16-2019
COM-2360-VO01Y Conflict Resolution  10-29-2019 12-16-2019
ECO-2020-VO01Y Macroeconomics  10-29-2019 12-16-2019
EDU-1030-VO01Y Intr Early Chld Ed  10-29-2019 12-16-2019
EDU-2045-VO01Y Cur Dev in Early Childhood Ed  10-29-2019 12-16-2019
ENG-1062-VO01Y English Comp II  10-29-2019 12-16-2019
HUM-2040-VO01Y The Holocaust  10-29-2019 12-16-2019
PSY-1050-VO01Y Human Growth & Dev  10-29-2019 12-16-2019

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