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Essential Objectives

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FLEX courses are online courses with flexible assignment submission, allowing students to manage their completion pace during the semester. FLEX courses remain open for enrollment throughout the first half of the semester.

Section NumberCourse Title
ACC-1010-VO02F   Computerized Accounting
ACC-1030-VO02F   Payroll Accounting
ACC-1050-VO01F   Fund of QuickBooks
ACC-2121-VO07F   Financial Accounting
AHS-1015-VO03F   Intro Health Info Systems
AHS-1205-VO07F   Medical Terminology
AHS-1205-VO08F   Medical Terminology
AHS-2165-VO02F   Health Insur Reimb & Billing
BIO-1140-VO04F   Human Biology
BUS-1010-VO07F   Intro to Business
BUS-1125-VO01F   Startup 802: Entrepren Mind
BUS-1135-VO01F   Intro Digital Marketing
BUS-2210-VO01F   Small Bus Mgmt
BUS-2410-VO02F   Human Resource Mgt
BUS-2430-VO02F   Small Bus Marketing
CIS-1035-VO01F   Foundations of Info Security
CIS-1041-VO09F   Computer Apps
CIS-1100-VO04F   Intro to Computer Science
CIS-1151-VO02F   Website Development
CIS-1350-VO02F   Desktop Operating Systems
CIS-1430-VO06F   Spreadsheets
CIS-1430-VO07F   Spreadsheets
CIS-2120-VO02F   Network & Security Foundations
COM-2060-VO01F   Imprv Wrkplace Com
INT-1013-VO01F   Personal & Prof Effectiveness
INT-1017-VO01F   Creative & Crit Thinking
INT-1019-VO01F   Effective Leadership & Collab
MAT-1030-VO11F   Applied Math Concepts
PSY-1170-VO01F   Addiction: Clinic Skills

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