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Fall 2017 Sections Introduction to Studio Art

Please note: If the course or location doesn't appear on this page, the course won't be offered in the Fall 2017 semester.

The sections listed below are being offered at the following locations on the days and times listed. Click on the section number to see details.

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ART-1020-VG01 Introduction to Studio Art: W , 09:00A to 11:45A | Open Seats/Section Limit: 4/15


ART-1020-VT01 Introduction to Studio Art: M , 06:00P to 08:45P | Open Seats/Section Limit: 1/18


ART-1020-VS01 Introduction to Studio Art: M , 12:00P to 02:45P | Open Seats/Section Limit: 14/18

Upper Valley

ART-1020-VJ01 Introduction to Studio Art: W , 03:00P to 05:45P | Open Seats/Section Limit: 6/14

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