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Essential Objectives

Web Schedule Fall 2020


Synchronous courses are delivered through a combination of online and regularly-scheduled Zoom sessions. In synchronous classes, students must attend Zoom sessions and actively engage with each other and faculty in course activities and discussions.

Section NumberCourse TitleMeeting DayMeeting Time
AHS-1520-VU01S   Intro to Pharmacy    Wednesday    06:00P -08:00P
AHS-2121-VR01V   Med Billing & Coding I    Monday    08:30A -10:30A
ARH-2020-VU01V   Art His: Vis Cult Non-West Wld    Wednesday    11:45A -02:30P
ART-2170-VU01V   Portfolio & Project Devel    Thursday    03:00P -05:45P
ART-2211-VU01   Painting I    Tuesday    03:00P -05:00P
BIO-1140-VT01X   Human Biology    Tuesday & Thursday    09:00A -11:00A
BUS-1010-VU03V   Intro to Business    Wednesday    03:00P -05:45P
BUS-1370-VO01S   Customer Service    Tuesday    TBA -
BUS-2740-VU01V   Bus Analysis & Decision Making    Monday    06:00P -08:45P
DAN-1030-VM01   Body Awareness    Friday    11:45A -01:45P
EDU-2145-VR01H   Soc-Emo Dev Child Ages 5-18    Saturday    TBA -
ENG-1015-VU01   English for Academic Purposes    Thursday    06:00P -08:00P
ENG-1070-VD01   Effective Speaking    Thursday    10:00A -12:00P
ENG-1070-VR01   Effective Speaking    Monday    06:00P -08:00P
ENG-1070-VR02   Effective Speaking    Tuesday    02:45P -04:45P
ENG-1070-VT01   Effective Speaking    Monday    06:00P -08:00P
ENG-1070-VU01   Effective Speaking    Monday    03:00P -05:00P
ENV-1010-VR01V   Intro to Env Sci    Wednesday    08:30A -10:30A
FRE-1111-VU01V   French I    Tuesday & Thursday    12:30P -02:00P
HUM-2010-VA01   Seminar in Educational Inquiry    Monday    06:00P -08:00P
HUM-2010-VJ01   Seminar in Educational Inquiry    Wednesday    06:00P -08:00P
HUM-2010-VN01   Seminar in Educational Inquiry    Wednesday    06:00P -08:00P
HUM-2010-VR01   Seminar in Educational Inquiry    Tuesday    06:00P -08:00P
HUM-2010-VR02   Seminar in Educational Inquiry    Wednesday    11:45A -01:45P
HUM-2010-VT01   Seminar in Educational Inquiry    Thursday    06:00P -08:00P
HUM-2010-VU01   Seminar in Educational Inquiry    Tuesday    03:00P -05:00P
HUM-2010-VU03   Seminar in Educational Inquiry    Wednesday    11:45A -01:45P
INT-1050-VA01   Dimensions of Self & Society    Monday    08:30A -10:30A
INT-1050-VA02   Dimensions of Self & Society    Tuesday    06:00P -08:00P
INT-1050-VA03   Dimensions of Self & Society    Thursday    11:45A -01:45P
INT-1050-VA04   Dimensions of Self & Society    Thursday    06:00P -08:00P
INT-1050-VG01   Dimensions of Self & Society    Monday    06:00P -08:00P
INT-1050-VG02   Dimensions of Self & Society    Thursday    08:30A -10:30A
INT-1050-VG03   Dimensions of Self & Society    Tuesday    11:45A -01:45P
INT-1050-VJ01   Dimensions of Self & Society    Monday    08:30A -10:30A
INT-1050-VJ02   Dimensions of Self & Society    Tuesday    06:00P -08:00P
INT-1050-VM01   Dimensions of Self & Society    Tuesday    11:45A -01:45P
INT-1050-VM02   Dimensions of Self & Society    Wednesday    08:30A -10:30A
INT-1050-VN01   Dimensions of Self & Society    Wednesday    09:00A -11:00A
INT-1050-VN02   Dimensions of Self & Society    Tuesday    06:00P -08:00P
INT-1050-VR01   Dimensions of Self & Society    Monday    02:45P -04:45P
INT-1050-VR02   Dimensions of Self & Society    Tuesday    11:45A -01:45P
INT-1050-VR04   Dimensions of Self & Society    Thursday    06:00P -08:00P
INT-1050-VT01   Dimensions of Self & Society    Tuesday    09:00A -11:00A
INT-1050-VT02   Dimensions of Self & Society    Wednesday    06:00P -08:00P
INT-1050-VU01   Dimensions of Self & Society    Monday    11:45A -01:45P
INT-1050-VU02   Dimensions of Self & Society    Monday    03:00P -05:00P
INT-1050-VU03   Dimensions of Self & Society    Monday    08:30A -10:30A
INT-1050-VU04   Dimensions of Self & Society    Tuesday    11:45A -01:45P
INT-1050-VU07   Dimensions of Self & Society    Wednesday    08:30A -10:30A
INT-1050-VU08   Dimensions of Self & Society    Wednesday    11:45A -01:45P
INT-1050-VU12   Dimensions of Self & Society    Thursday    06:00P -08:00P
INT-1050-VV01   Dimensions of Self & Society    Monday    10:00A -12:00P
MAT-0310-VO01S   Math & Algebra for College    Tuesday    TBA -
MEC-1310-VO01S   Princ of Manufact    Tuesday    06:00P -08:00P
MUS-2341-VU01   Guitar I    Tuesday    03:00P -05:00P
PHI-1040-VO01S   Intro to Ethics    Tuesday    TBA -
SLS-1011-VJ01   Sign Language I    Thursday    11:45A -01:45P
SLS-1011-VU01   Sign Language I    Monday & Wednesday    01:15P -02:45P
SLS-1011-VU02   Sign Language I    Tuesday & Thursday    04:00P -05:30P
SLS-1012-VT01   Sign Language II    Friday    09:00A -11:00A
SPA-1012-VU01V   Spanish II    Monday & Tuesday    02:45P -04:15P
SWK-1010-VU01V   Intro Human Services    Tuesday    06:00P -08:00P

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