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The courses listed below are being offered this semester at CCV locations around the state or online. Click on the Course Number link to see detailed information regarding locations, dates and times.

Course space availability listed on this schedule may not be current. To check live space availability, Search for Classes.

DEV-0120 - Canvas Basics for Students
0 Credits
This workshop is an orientation to the requirements and expectations for taking a course through the Internet. It will cover technical considerations, academic issues and time management concerns. There will be a hands-on overview of CCV's portal environment and learning management system. Students must register to attend this free workshop which is required for first-time online students.

DEV-0190 - Basic Algebra Brush-Up
0 Credits
This workshop is for students who are ready for Mathematical Concepts or College Algebra but would benefit from a quick brush-up in basic algebra skills. The workshop includes a brief review of algebraic laws, polynomials, exponents, linear equations and factoring. Free to CCV students enrolled in credit-bearing courses.

DEV-0260 - Basic Chemistry Workshop
0 Credits
A two-session workshop. The first session will be an intensive overview of the periodic table; chemical symbols; atomic structure of the elements; the differences between elements, molecules, compounds and ions; the peculiarities of water; and a brief discussion of the gas laws. The second session will cover definitions of salts, acids/bases and the origin of pH and an introduction to the most commonly known organic compounds important to the body: carbohydrates, fats and both structural and nutritional proteins.

DEV-0270 - Introduction to College & Careers
0 Credits
This course provides high school and new students with the opportunity to explore the college experience within the context of their future career goals. Students reflect upon their strengths, interests, values, and goals by focusing on three key questions -- Who am I? What are the habits of effective people? What will I do after high school? -- and learn about the expectations necessary to succeed in academic and professional settings. In addition to the core curriculum, students will complete four or more modules on a variety of topics, such as time management, test taking, personal budgeting and communication skills. This course also provides students with an introduction to online learning, including an overview of the College's portal environment.

DEV-0563 - College Essentials: Math
0 Credits
Offered in partnership with Vermont Adult Learning, this free course is designed for any student who needs pre-Basic Math skills.

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