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Computer Information Systems Courses

The courses listed below are being offered this semester at CCV locations around the state or online. Click on the Course Number link to see detailed information regarding locations, dates and times.

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CIS-1041 - Computer Applications
3 Credits
A hands-on introduction to information processing using operating system and application software designed for computers and mobile devices. Covers cloud computing, presentations, word processing, and spreadsheets. Basic math and computer skills are recommended.

CIS-1045 - Introduction to Multimedia Applications & Tools
3 Credits
This course introduces the many applications that enhance the world of multimedia and the web, as well as the technological decisions that are needed to deploy them. Students will learn how various tools are used to create a rich, dynamic audio/visual experience for users in many different formats. Emphasis is given to understanding current, new and emerging technologies and the impact they have on web-based media. Students enrolling in the course should have basic computer skills.

CIS-1100 - Introduction to Computer Science
3 Credits
This course is designed to give a broad-based introduction to all aspects of computing. Students will focus on core aspects of the discipline including hardware, networking, the Internet, programming logic, ethics, and the history and future of industry. The goal of this course is to give students a working knowledge of the computer industry and provide a solid foundation of knowledge to begin technical training.

CIS-1151 - Website Development
3 Credits
This course explores the creation of effective websites and pages. Topics include application of website development tools, and managing site content, site presentation, and site behaviors. Students will explore and modify Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and use Javascript code. Students will manage a website's associated files and folders, web publishing client/server process, and administration of a website. Students will create and enhance a number of websites in this course.

CIS-1350 - Desktop Operating Systems
4 Credits
This course covers the concepts of Microsoft Windows operating systems found on the CompTIA A+ certification exams. Students will learn how to install, configure, and troubleshoot computer operating systems. Prerequisite: Six (6) credits of CIS coursework above CIS-1020

CIS-1360 - Database Management Systems
3 Credits
This course provides a comprehensive examination of current database management software. Students will learn database principles and apply them to developing relational databases and generating simple and complex reports. Emphasis is on the application of database management to work related problems. Basic algebra skills are recommended.

CIS-1430 - Spreadsheets
3 Credits
This course provides a comprehensive examination of spreadsheet software. Students will build a variety of spreadsheets using simple and complex formulas, functions, graphics, database features, sorts, linkages within spreadsheet and between spreadsheets, and macros. Basic algebra skills are recommended.

CIS-2031 - C/C++ Programming I
3 Credits
An introduction to computer programming and problem-solving techniques using the C and C++ programming languages. Students will learn fundamental programming concepts including if/then constructs, loops, input and output methods, subroutines and variable definition.

CIS-2150 - Introduction to Linux
3 Credits
This course covers the Linux operating system providing an introduction to the installation, configuration and troubleshooting of this popular operating system. Also covers the free software or open source software movement in general, where to find packages, how to install them, and how to get support.

CIS-2210 - Python Programming
3 Credits
This course is an introduction to programming using Python. Students will explore a wide variety of Python application domains including web and network programming, game development, scientific and numerical applications, textual analysis, system administration, and software development support. Topics include fundamental programming concepts, Python syntax, the standard libraries, and object-oriented programming. Emphasis will be placed on solving problems in a variety of domains using well-written Python programs. Basic algebra skills are recommended.

CIS-2271 - Java Programming
3 Credits
An introduction to the Java language and the way it implements object-oriented programming. Students will learn fundamental programming concepts including if/then constructs, loops, input and output methods, subroutines, and variable definition.

CIS-2360 - Computer User Support
3 Credits
This course will provide students with help-desk-specific skills. Students will learn the fundamental concepts of help desk communication techniques and customer service, and focus on the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to prepare for entry-level positions in computer user support. Students will work with real world computer support examples, case studies, and activities. Prerequisite: Desktop Operating Systems.

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