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Chemistry Courses

The courses listed below are being offered this semester at CCV locations around the state or online. Click on the Course Number link to see detailed information regarding locations, dates and times.

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CHE-1020 - Introduction to Chemistry
4 Credits
An introduction to the concepts, principles and applications of chemistry. Includes atomic structure, periodicity, structure of matter, solutions, and an introduction to organic chemistry. Includes lab sessions which will illustrate the principles of quantitative interpretation of data. Prior learning in Intermediate Algebra or equivalent is strongly recommended.

CHE-1031 - General Chemistry I
4 Credits
This is the first course of a two-semester sequence on the fundamental principles of chemistry. Topics include atomic structure, stoichiometry, gas laws, thermochemistry, modern atomic theory, liquids and solids, and molecular structure. Prior learning in College Algebra or equivalent is strongly recommended. Prerequisite: Intermediate Algebra or above.

CHE-1032 - General Chemistry II
4 Credits
A continuation of CHE-1031. Topics include solution properties, kinetics, equilibrium, reaction mechanisms, thermodynamics, acid-base reactions, electrochemistry, and element properties. Prerequisite: General Chemistry I.

CHE-2041 - Organic Chemistry I
4 Credits
This is the first course of a two-semester sequence on the chemistry of carbon compounds, emphasizing structure, reactions, and mechanisms. Both aliphatic and aromatic compounds will be examined with a focus on the properties of functional groups, nomenclature, stereochemistry, acid-base chemistry, and reaction kinetics and thermodynamics. The laboratory work will involve the synthesis of a variety of organic compounds, investigation of their properties using basic laboratory techniques. Prerequisite: General Chemistry II.

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