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Revision Date: 16-May-19

ENG-1350-VR01 - World Mythology

Synonym: 181813
Location: Rutland
Credits: 3 (45 hours)
Day/Times: Tuesday, 05:30P - 09:00P
Semester Dates: 05-21-2019 to 08-06-2019
Last day to drop without a grade: 06-10-2019 - Refund Policy
Last day to withdraw (W grade): 07-08-2019 - Refund Policy
Faculty: Fern Fryer | View Faculty Credentials
This course has started, please contact the offering academic center about registration
This section meets the following General Education Requirement(s):
Global Perspective/Sustainability
Human Expression
  1. Many degree programs have specific general education recommendations. In order to avoid taking unnecessary classes, please consult with additional resources like your program evaluation, your academic program page, and your academic advisor.
  2. Courses may only be used to meet one General Education Requirement.

Course Description:

An exploration of the meaning of mythology and the evolution of mythical thought from an interdisciplinary standpoint. Consideration will be given to mythology as an explanation of the way the world is ordered and how human beings respond to that order. Students will explore a diverse range of myths from cultures around the world and examine the relevance of myths in our daily lives.

Essential Objectives:

1. Examine myths from the perspective of various disciplines and world cultures.
2. Compare and contrast different cultural approaches to myth while recognizing the universality of mythical themes.
3. Analyze the connection between myths and human development.
4. Compare and contrast the journeys of male and female heroes.
5. Examine cultural paradigms and explain how myths can define a culture's ideals.
6. Interpret mythical images, themes, and archetypes in written works and art forms.
7. Determine the relevance and importance of myths in our modern world and in the student's personal development.

Evaluation Criteria:

Textbook: The World of Myth by David A. Leeming ISBN: 978-0-19-090013-7

There will also be handouts and links to online readings.


A variety of methods will be used, including:

Assigned reading

Writing assignments related to readings/videos

Classroom discussions and activities

Lectures, taped interviews, films

Individual and group projects, including a group presentation on 1 culture’s myths

Semester Journal demonstrating competence in course objectives

Development of annotated bibliography



Performance in various areas will carry the following weights:

Tests 20%

Annotated Bibliography 20%

Semester Journal 20%

Class participation/homework 20%

Group presentation on 1 culture’s myths 20%

Class and Attendance Policies:

1. Regular attendance and participation in classes are essential components of a student’s success in this course and are required. YOU ARE EXPECTED TO ATTEND EVERY CLASS. However, contagious illnesses and emergencies do arise. Therefore, you may miss one class without a penalty. A second missed class will lower your final grade by 5 points. A third missed class will result in an F for the course. Lateness or leaving early will count as missed class time. If you have been absent, you are responsible for finding out the specific assignment for the next class. Homework is posted on Moodle. Make sure your e-mail is up-to date with the Moodle system.

2. CELL PHONES SHOULD BE TURNED OFF AND OUT OF SIGHT. You may check them during break.


Summer 2019 textbook data will be available on April 1. On that date a link will be available below that will take you to eCampus, CCV's bookstore. The information provided there will be for this course only. Please see this page for more information regarding the purchase of textbooks.

The last day to use a Financial Aid advance to purchase textbooks is the 3rd Tuesday of the semester. See your financial aid counselor at your academic center if you have any questions.

Contact Faculty:

Email: Evelyn Fryer
Hiring Coordinator for this course: Nathan Astin

Please note: In order to receive accommodations for disabilities in this course, students must make an appointment to see the Americans with Disabilities Coordinator in their site and bring documentation with them.

Academic Honesty: CCV has a commitment to honesty and excellence in academic work and expects the same from all students. Academic dishonesty, or cheating, can occur whenever you present -as your own work- something that you did not do. You can also be guilty of cheating if you help someone else cheat. Being unaware of what constitutes academic dishonesty (such as knowing what plagiarism is) does not absolve a student of the responsibility to be honest in his/her academic work. Academic dishonesty is taken very seriously and may lead to dismissal from the College.

Course description details subject to change. Please refer to this document frequently.

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