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Revision Date: 11-Sep-17

DEV-0280-VD01 - Introduction to College Studies

Synonym: 161534
Location: Middlebury
Credits: 0
Day/Times: Tuesday, 12:20P - 01:55P
Semester Dates: 09-19-2017 to 12-12-2017
Last day to drop without a grade: 09-28-2017 - Refund Policy
Last day to withdraw (W grade): 11-01-2017 - Refund Policy
Faculty: Anya Schwartz | View Faculty Credentials
This course has started, please contact the offering academic center about registration
Grades: Students in this course will receive a numerical or letter grade in the narrative section of the final evaluation.

Comments: No class 10/4

Course Description:

Introduction to College Studies is a non-credit course that provides career exploration opportunities and an orientation to the college experience for high school and new students. This course helps students transition successfully to college and careers through information gathering and by exploring educational and employment options based on their strengths, interests, values, and goals. Students will learn the skills and expectations necessary to succeed in academic and professional settings. Students will develop time management, test-taking, and communication skills, as well as strategies for managing stress, paying for college, and budgeting.

Essential Objectives:

1. Engage in self-discovery activities including short versus long-term goal-setting, educational and career planning, personal learning styles, and personal values.
2. Discuss how to make informed educational and employment decisions including how to research different careers along with educational requirements, interests, skills, abilities, personality, and values.
3. Develop personal success strategies such as practicing self-advocacy, managing stress, negotiating social aspects of college, making moral and ethical decisions-, and identifying sources of support.
4. Demonstrate the ability to meet college and employer expectations through appropriate quality of work, strong work ethic, communication techniques, and professional conduct.
5. Practice college success skills such as time management and prioritization, and develop strategies for reading textbooks or complex materials, note-taking, test-taking, and using informational resources for research.
6. Discuss techniques for managing personal finances including: budgeting, evaluating the ability to pay down debt given projected salaries, and relating career choice with potential income.
7. Understand financial aid sources and processes with a focus on paying for college.

Additional Instructor Pre-Assignments/Notes/Comments:

You don't need to purchase any books for this class.  You will receive your free copy of the Intro to College Studies Reader in class. 


Greetings!  I am excited that you are interested in this fall's Intro to College Studies class at CCV Middlebury. Here's a bit of what to expect:  Discussions, presentations, a bit of gaming, short lectures (that I will strive to keep on the lively side), weekly reading & writing assignments, weekly forays to podcasts, videos, and websites that are too great not to share.  

Evaluation Criteria:

This course is graded P/NP.  Pass/Fail, right?  Nope! It's actually Proficient/Not (yet) Proficient.  If your High School requires a letter grade for this course, I can accommodate this.  Please talk with me the first week of class.  So, how does one earn a grade of Proficient?  Very generally, by attending every (or nearly every) class, participating in class activities (some designed for introverts, some more comfortable for extroverts), implementing feedback from me, providing thoughtful feedback to me and your classmates, and (gasp!) doing your homework (and doing it reasonably well).  I will provide lots of details on what "reasonably well" means, and also push you to define this honestly for yourself.  Each week, I will provide you with lots of feedback on your progress, and ask you to provide feedback to me as well.  This is a skill that takes practice, and we'll touch upon it regularly.  Sound a bit strange?  If you'd like something more conventional, you will have the option to request exams and quizzes.  I will provide them upon request only. 

Here's how your contributions will be weighted:

  • In-class Activities & Participation: 35%
  • Weekly Assignments: 45%
  • Implementation of feedback and quality of feedback to peers & instructor: 20%


Fall 2017 textbook data will be available on May 22. On that date a link will be available below that will take you to eCampus, CCV's bookstore. The information provided there will be for this course only. Please see this page for more information regarding the purchase of textbooks.

Contact Faculty:

Email: Anya Schwartz
Hiring Coordinator for this course: Jennifer Stefani

Attendance Policy:

If you are sick, waylaid in Kentucky, or otherwise unavailable to come to class...

First, we'll miss you.  Seriously.  This is a small class, and it will be less interesting for everyone if you're not here.  Second, be sure to submit your homework to me prior to the start of class and check in with me and the class  Moodle page for missed assignments.  I will provide you with a detailed late work policy on the first day of class. If you know you need to miss class, be sure to contact me ahead of time (preferably a week or more prior to the class).  And now for the one totally, completely, nonnegotiable rule of this class: if you miss more than three classes you will receive a grade of NP.  If your high school has requested a letter grade, this grade will be an F (sadly, not for "Fabulous").


Syllabus (Revised Sept 11, 2017)

Introduction to College Studies (DEV 0280 VD01)

Fall, 2017: Tuesdays, 12:20-1:55, Sept. 19-Dec. 12 (no class 10/3)

Anya Schwartz, Instructor


Ways to find me:  I will check email Mondays-Thursdays.  I will strive to respond to your question within 24 hours.  (Please note, I will not write Friday-Sunday.)

    Phone: 388-0299.  This is my direct line at CCV.  In-person: Come find me at CCV Middlebury!  It’s best to make an appointment, 388-0299.

Ways to get help:

    Free tutoring at CCV Middlebury: Monday evenings, Tuesday 9-2, Wed 9-12, Fri 11:30-2:30

    Free e-tutoring (through the CCV Portal): Student Resources Tab, click e-tutoring

    Moodle Medic (live chat Moodle help) through the Portal (center column, “Moodle Medic”

    Meet with me: call 388-3032 to make an appointment, or just talk with me

    Use Resources at VAL, PAHCC, Your HS, Your community: The more the merrier!

ICS is graded P/NP for your CCV transcript, but I will supply a letter grade to your HS/PAHCC in your final evaluation.  Here's how your contributions will be weighted:

    In-class Activities & Participation: 35%

    Weekly Assignments: 45%

    Implementation of feedback and quality of feedback to peers & instructor (Commitment to improvement and helping others improve): 20%

Attendance Policy:

If you are sick, waylaid in Kentucky, or otherwise unavailable to come to class...First, we'll miss you.  Seriously.  If you miss more than three classes you will mostl likely receive a grade of NP.  If your high school has requested a letter grade, this grade will be an F (sadly, not for "Fabulous").


Week to week road map: Expect changes, reflecting class interests & pacing

Week One (September 19): Hitting the Road

In class: Intros, Orientation to CCV, Portal & Moodle, Road construction, Survey Says, You are already In.

Homework: Read Living in Two Worlds (p.6), The First to Go (p.9), You Are College Material (p.14).  See homework handout for details on what to bring to class to turn in on week two. Journal Entry #1

Week Two (September 26): Financial Aid & Money Matters Part I

            In class: Financial Aid Basics, Is College Worth It, Portal & email, Syllabus Review

            Homework:    CCV email, Readings, Moodle

***Note: No class October 3***

Week Three (October 10):  Smart Money: Get your best value—making college worth it. Guest speaker: Financial Aid 

In class: Net cost calculators, VSC Direct Admissions, evaluating your investment: Projected lifetime incomes based on educational level & paying down college debt.

Homework: Journal Entry #2, Readings, including Welcome to the Economy of Me

 Week Four (October 17):  Career Visioning, Researching Colleges with an eye to a career

In class: Guest Speaker Elly Moriarty, CCV Career Counselor (12:20-1:00).  Also, Researching Colleges with an eye to a career: VSAC College Roadmaps 

Homework: Moodle, handouts

Week Five (10/24): Postsecondary training & outside-the box work/adventures.  College Application Essays—setting the stage for your first shot

In Class: Coolworks, Intentional Communities, Monasteries, Welding, CDL's, EMS, Trades training.  Also, College Application Essays kick off.

Homework: College application essay ideas, readings, Journal Entry #3

Week Six(10/31): College Culture, Individual Check-ins

In class: College application essays ideas workshop. College culture: myths & realities, freedoms & vulnerabilities.  Individual Check-ins.

Homework: College Application Essay first draft, suggestions for Week 8.

**Week Seven (11/7): More Individual Check-ins.  Growth Mindset.  Notetaking.

            Due: College application essay first draft

In class: Send college application essay Draft I to e-tutoring.  Tools: Notetaking.  Read Notetaking, take notes on Growth Mindset video. Individual Check-ins

Homework:  Journal entry 4, readings:  Readings: Avoiding the Big P, Moodle, 191-202 (networking)

****Week Eight (11/14):  Scholarships...and the winner is...

            Due: College Application Essay 1st draft

In class:  Elections!  (VSAC scholarship nominations) and more TBA

Homework: Moodle, readings

Week Nine (11/21): TBD

            In class: Guest speaker: VTC Nursing student, hopefully!

Homework: College Application Essay 2nd draft, Journal Entry #5

Week Ten (11/28): Getting In…Keeping in mind that you’re already in!

            Due: College Application Essay 2nd draft (final draft!)

 In class: Guest speaker: Carrie Harlow?: Interviews, organizational tools.  Also VSC Direct Admissions

            Homework: TBD


Week Eleven (12/5): Class picks topics

            In class: ?? Class choice  ??

Homework: Readings, Journal Entry #6, touch-ups on college application essays


Week Twelve (12/12): Road repairs, The economy of me revisited, Parking lot topics

            Due: College Application Essay (extra milers)

            In class: Recommendation letters, parking lot topics, evaluations, now what?

Please note: In order to receive accommodations for disabilities in this course, students must make an appointment to see the Americans with Disabilities Coordinator in their site and bring documentation with them.

Academic Honesty: CCV has a commitment to honesty and excellence in academic work and expects the same from all students. Academic dishonesty, or cheating, can occur whenever you present -as your own work- something that you did not do. You can also be guilty of cheating if you help someone else cheat. Being unaware of what constitutes academic dishonesty (such as knowing what plagiarism is) does not absolve a student of the responsibility to be honest in his/her academic work. Academic dishonesty is taken very seriously and may lead to dismissal from the College.

Course description details subject to change. Please refer to this document frequently.

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