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Revision Date: 29-Mar-17

Landscape in Art

Credits: 3 (45 hours)
Semester Dates: Last day to drop without a grade: 06-12-2017 - Refund Policy
Last day to withdraw (W grade): 07-10-2017 - Refund Policy
Faculty: Not Yet Assigned | View Faculty Credentials

This course has started, please contact the offering academic center about registration

Comments: Material list will be provided on week one. Students will occasionally work outside.

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Course Description:

Students will explore elements of design in nature, utilize efficient outdoor sketching techniques, and then translate and expand their sketches into media such as pastels, watercolor, painting, drawing, and collage. Prerequisite: Drawing I or Introduction to Studio Art.

Essential Objectives:

1. Observe and depict elements of design in nature.
2. Experiment with space, form, value, texture, scale, and balance in an outdoor setting.
3. Translate and expand outdoor sketches in mediums such as pastel, watercolor, acrylic, and oil.
4. Examine, discuss and critique art work, including some reference to the art historical, social, and cultural context.
5. Design and complete individual projects.
6. Create a portfolio of drawings/paintings.
7. Display finished works in a professional manner.

Additional Instructor Pre-Assignments/Notes/Comments:

    As much as the weather permits we will work outside in the Northbranch Nature Center (across the street from CCV Montpelier)

  • The material list will be discussed the first day of class. Students should be prepared to spend an additional $40-$60 beyond the course fee.
  • The studio fee for this course is used to purchase painting surfaces, gesso and assorted back-up or in class supplies.


  • In class studio time
  • Plein air
  • Short lectures, slide shows
  • Supplemental readings, videos and homework in Moodle
  • Group and individual critiques
  • Technique and material demonstrations
  • Field trip to gallery/ museum/ artist studio
  • Optional weekday and weekend free studio time
  • Final portfolio project


Evaluation Criteria:

A total of one hundred (100) possible points are available in the course.

Each assignment and evaluation category is based on a scale from zero to one hundred (0-100).

  • 40% completion of in-class assignments
  • 40% completion of home work assignments
  • 20% final photo protfolio


Summer 2017 textbook data will be available on April 1. On that date a link will be available below that will take you to eCampus, CCV's bookstore. The information provided there will be for this course only. Please see this page for more information regarding the purchase of textbooks.

Attendance Policy:

Attendance is mandatory and will be taken at the beginning and end of each class. Missing more than three (3) classes will result in a non-satisfactory grade. Students are encouraged to contact me, before the start of class, if an absence in unavoidable.



Week 5


  • Sketchbook Check
  • Ink pen & Brush Demo
  • Plein Air drawing in North Branch Nature Center (weather permitting)


  1. 7 sketch book drawings (one per day)
  2. 3 landscape photos, using your phone is okay
  3. Prepare to meet in the classroom the group critique

Please note: In order to receive accommodations for disabilities in this course, students must make an appointment to see the Americans with Disabilities Coordinator in their site and bring documentation with them.

Academic Honesty: CCV has a commitment to honesty and excellence in academic work and expects the same from all students. Academic dishonesty, or cheating, can occur whenever you present -as your own work- something that you did not do. You can also be guilty of cheating if you help someone else cheat. Being unaware of what constitutes academic dishonesty (such as knowing what plagiarism is) does not absolve a student of the responsibility to be honest in his/her academic work. Academic dishonesty is taken very seriously and may lead to dismissal from the College.

Course description details subject to change. Please refer to this document frequently.

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