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Revision Date: 29-Nov-20

ART-1011-VO02 - Drawing I

Online Class

Online courses take place 100% online via Canvas, without required in-person or Zoom meetings.

Synonym: 200281
Location: Online
Credits: 3 (45 hours)
Day/Times: Meets online
Semester Dates: 01-26-2021 to 05-10-2021
Last day to drop without a grade: 02-15-2021 - Refund Policy
Last day to withdraw (W grade): 03-28-2021 - Refund Policy
Faculty: Susannah Gravel | View Faculty Credentials
This course has started, please contact the offering academic center about registration

This section meets the following VSC General Education Requirement(s) for Catalog Year 21-22 and later:
Arts & Aesthetics
  1. Many degree programs have specific general education recommendations. In order to avoid taking unnecessary classes, please consult with additional resources like your program evaluation, your academic program catalog year page, and your academic advisor.
  2. Courses may only be used to meet one General Education Requirement.

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Course Description:

An introduction to the use of pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, and other drawing media. Focuses on technical skills in drawing as well as the nature of drawing as a way of seeing and of organizing ideas and perceptions.

Essential Objectives:

1. Demonstrate the use of mediums such as: charcoal, pastels, markers, graphite, charcoal pencil, pen and ink.
2. Explore and describe how drawing materials can be used on various types and sizes of paper.
3. Draw a variety of subjects such as still life, landscape and human forms.
4. Apply elements of design and composition in one's own drawing as well as other artwork.
5. Explain the meaning of such terms as space, form, value, texture, rhythm, balance line, scale, etc., in discussing works of art and demonstrate how these concepts can contribute to aesthetic judgment.
6. Examine, discuss and critique art work, including some reference to the art historical, social, and cultural context.
7. Design and complete individual projects.
8. Create a portfolio of drawings.
9. Display finished works in a professional manner.

Additional Instructor Pre-Assignments/Notes/Comments:

Drawing from Observation by Brian Curtis will be referenced during this course. Although the text is NOT required, it is recommended.

ISBN: 13-978-0-07-241024-2 or 10:0-07-241024-8


This drawing I class involves both studio work as well as homework assignments. Students are expected to spend time watching the demo, practicing the studio assignment, participating in the online forum and reading through any additional materials. Nine hours of homework can expected and is usually the minimum amount of time necessary to see development. A variety of examples and demonstrations will be offered in a video demonstration in an attempt to illustrate a range of drawing styles and techniques. Students will be expected to participate in critique, offering constructive feedback to their peers. A field trip to a museum or gallery, live model or guest artist presentations may be scheduled. As an online course, the trip would most likely be virtual.

Evaluation Criteria:

What Students Can Expect From the Instructor

1. I will provide a warm, safe online environment where everyone can have fun and learn together.

2. I highly value instructor-student communication! My preferred method of communication is email. I check my CCV email daily. If you have a non-emergency question, please use email. I will respond to you within 24 hours. However, text messages and/or phone calls are encouraged if you need to communicate with me sooner. If you have a question that does not require an immediate response, you can send a text message (please identify yourself in the first line: “Hi professor, this is Susannah from your Drawing I class.”). I will respond to you as soon as I see the message and have an opportunity to respond. If it is an “emergency,” or something that you believe requires my immediate attention, call me. If I am away from the phone, please leave a voice mail and I will return your call as quickly as possible. While my phone is always nearby, but I do not consider it to be an appendage, so please plan accordingly.

· Email:

· Cell Phone: (802) 591-1894

1. I will make continuous evaluations as I watch you progress in this class.One of the objectives is for you to improve over the course of the semester. *Please note: Showing up to class and doing all of the assignments, without progress, does not constitute a passing grade.*

2. I will be paying close attention to your attitude on a weekly basis and provide you with verbal and written feedback frequently. All assignments must be completed to the best of your ability and this includes outside classroom work as well. To achieve an A in this class it requires a level of commitment to Drawing.

3. I will do my utmost best to respond to and grade assignments with feedback within a week of their due dates. If something gets in my way, I will let the class know that there will be a delay and when students can expect their grades/feedback.

4. I will treat all students with collegial respect! I believe that students have as much to contribute to the learning process as I do, and I look forward to our exchanges as colleagues.

Grading Criteria:

Grading System

30% Participation in classroom critiques and studio (online discussions).

30% Weekly development of portfolio (typically a minimum of 9 hours of homework) completed on time with evidence of effort

20% Midterm

20% Final Project, Artist Statement & Online Portfolio of Work

A: Superior to excellent work. Student has completed all assignments in a thoughtful, creative and dedicated manor. Outstanding amount of skill and care put into work. Student has created an extensive body of work. Strong voice during discussions. Creative and sensitive feedback during critique. Overall effort and attitude is superb.

B: Good to excellent work. All assignments have been completed and show a significant amount of effort and care. Student grasps most of the concepts introduced in class and has applied them to his/her work in a thoughtful manor. Student is a willing and active participant in class discussions and critiques.

C: Partial to good work. Student does not exhibit the amount of care required for this medium. Student grasps some ideas but does not put forth full effort in practicing them.

D: Marginally meet the expectations of the assignment. Minimal comprehension of concepts. Critical thinking and attention to detail are poor. Student has difficulty in articulating his or her learning.

F: Did not meet the expectations of this class. Incomplete assignments. Irregular attendance. Little or no growth. Lack of participation in discussions and critiques. Effort is minimal. Attendance may have been unacceptable. Students are strongly urged to discuss this grade with their instructor and advisor.


The last day to use a Financial Aid advance to purchase textbooks is the 3rd Tuesday of the semester. See your financial aid counselor at your academic center if you have any questions.

Contact Faculty:

Email: Susannah Gravel
Hiring Coordinator for this course: Dana Lee

Notes: Email is prefered

Attendance Policy:

Class attendance, participation and preparedness are essential to be successful in this course. Unexcused absences will not be tolerated. Students can make up excused absences by doing extra homework. Students cannot pass the class is they miss more than 3 classes. Students are expected to bring have all materials necessary for each class.

Class attendance counts as 30% of your final grade. In an online environment a record of your logins is documented each week in Canvas.

Class starts promptly Sunday morning at 10am. All assignments for the corresponding week will be posted an available for review at that time. Each class runs through until the following Saturday and ends at 11:45PM.

All absences must be excused prior to the start of the week. Please email me at If it is an emergency call or text my phone 802-591-1894. Leave your name, what class you are enrolled in, what the reason for your absence is, and any supports you will need.

No more than two absences are allowed per semester. More than two absences will result in the lowering of your final grade.

We only have 15 classes together each semester. Each class covers a significant amount of learning scaffolded intentionally to strengthen your skills for each additional course. Four absences, or 26% of missed class time, will result in immediate failure of this course. Please reach out often and early when you are having difficulty with anything in this class. I am here to support your success.

·Cell phones, media devices, and your sound on Zoom should be shut off during class when attending synchronous meetings. In the event of a personal emergency please alert me prior to the start of class and you may keep your phone on vibrate. Everyone has the right to a respectful,distraction free learning environment.


Please visit our Canvas Classroom for a formatted version of the course syllabus:

Drawing I Supplies and Schedule

*This syllabus is subject to change based on the pace and needs of the students*

Supply List

I’ve created a wish list of recommended art supplies for this class on I will be using the exact supplies from this list in all of the recorded online demonstrations. If you are having trouble with the cost of these supplies, please take a look around your home and ask friends who may be able to lend you some of these supplies. Drawing supplies do not have to be exact the same brand as what is listed, but you will need something similar to the colors, compression and thickness. After looking around your space you might be surprised how many items you already have access to. If anyone is experiencing financial hardship, please reach out to your academic advisor or let me know and I’m sure we can figure out how to support you.

Art Supply List:

Items you may also want to have for class

Baby Wipes or Odorless Hand Wipes


Container to hold your art supplies/drawings


Painters/Drawing Tape

18” Ruler

Blank Index Cards

View Finder



Weekly Assignment Due Dates



Basic Skills

· How to Begin

· Curved Lines

· Scrub Drawing

2/6/21: Discussion Forum 1 – Student Introductions

2/6/21: Syllabus Scavenger Hunt

2/6/21: Discussion Forum 2 – Critique

2/7/21: Assignment “Lines”



Basic Skills

· Botanical Drawing

2/13/21: Discussion Forum 3 – Critique Drawing

2/14/21: Assignment “Botanical Drawing”



Basic Skills:

· Figure Drawing

2/20/21: Discussion Forum 4 – Critique Drawing

2/21/21: Assignment “Figure Drawing”



Dynamic Mark Making:

· The Psychology of a Line

· The Emotion of a Line

· Bringing Form to Life

· The Tactile Line

· Atmospheric

2/27/21: Discussion Forum 5 – Critique

2/28/21: Assignment “Atmospheric”



Form and Space:

· Drawing the Sphere

· Drawing the Cylinder

· Drawing the Cube

· Observational Drawing

· A Simple Still Life

3/6/21: Discussion Forum 6 – Critique

3/7/21: Assignment “Still Life”



Form and Space

· Compound Forms

· Organic Forms

· Beyond the Box

· Rims and Handles

· Volumetric Still Life

3/13/21: Discussion Forum 7 – Critique

3/14/21: Assignment “Volumetric Still Life”




3/21/21: Elements and Principles Midterm

3/21/21: Artist Research Paper



Measuring & Proportion

· Introduction to Proportion

· Plumb Lines

· Angle Sighting

· Triangulation

· Putting it all Together

3/27/21: Discussion Forum 8 – Critique

3/28/21: Assignment “Proportion”




· Introduction to Contours

· The Block-In

· Crafting Contours

· Cross Contours

· Foreshortening

4/3/21: Discussion Forum 9 – Critique

4/4/21: Assignment “Contour”



Shading Fundamentals

· Light and Value

· Line of Termination

· Cast Shadows

· Core Shadows

· Drawing with Light

4/10/21: Discussion Forum 10 – Critique

4/11/21: Assignment “Shading”



Advanced Shading

· The Cone and Egg

· Concave Forms

· Complexity

4/17/21: Discussion Forum 11 – Critique

4/18/21: Assignment “Shading”



Advanced Shading

· Organic Forms

· Dynamic Shading

4/24/21: Discussion Forum 12 – Critique

4/25/21: Assignment “Dynamic Shading”



Final Drawing:

· Draft

5/1/21: Discussion Forum 13 – Critique

5/2/21: Assignment “Final Draft”



Final Drawing

· Final

5/10/21: Discussion Forum 14 – Critique

5/10/21: Assignment “Final Complete”

5/10/21: Assignment “Artist Statement”

5/10/21: Assignment “Online Portfolio”

Accessibility Services for Students with Disabilities: CCV strives to mitigate barriers to course access for students with documented disabilities. To request accommodations, please

  1. Provide disability documentation to the Accessibility Coordinator at your academic center.
  2. Request an appointment to meet with accessibility coordinator to discuss your request and create an accommodation plan.
  3. Once created, students will share the accommodation plan with faculty. Please note, faculty cannot make disability accommodations outside of this process.

Academic Honesty: CCV has a commitment to honesty and excellence in academic work and expects the same from all students. Academic dishonesty, or cheating, can occur whenever you present -as your own work- something that you did not do. You can also be guilty of cheating if you help someone else cheat. Being unaware of what constitutes academic dishonesty (such as knowing what plagiarism is) does not absolve a student of the responsibility to be honest in his/her academic work. Academic dishonesty is taken very seriously and may lead to dismissal from the College.

Course description details subject to change. Please refer to this document frequently.

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