CCV Morrisville Staff

Morrisville Academic Center

When dialing from within CCV, please use the 2 plus the 4 digit extension.
To see the full number, click on Detail below.

Justin Bourdeau Financial Aid Counselor/Student Resource Advisor Ext: 2-1380
Sonja Bracey Registry Manager - Northern Lights at CCV Ext: 2-2588
Mia Cornblatt Administrative Assistant Ext: 2-4258
Gretchen DeHart Regional Director Ext: 2-4062
Billi Dunham Coordinator of Student Advising Ext: 2-1382
Sally McCarthy Coordinator of Student Advising Ext: 2-1320
Avery Olearczyk Librarian II Ext: 2-0602
Erik Zetterstrom Office Manager Ext: 2-1381