CCV Brattleboro Staff

Brattleboro Academic Center

When dialing from within CCV, please use the 2 plus the 4 digit extension.
To see the full number, click on Detail below.

Jennifer Alberico Director of Online Teaching and Learning
Mary Castine Administrative Assistant Ext: 2-6372
Melanie Crosby Assistant Registrar/Financial Aid Counselor Ext: 2-6380
Christine Grutta Coordinator of Student Advising Ext: 2-6371
Jenney Izzo Senior Director of Engagement and Academic Centers Ext: 2-5370
Arrow Kitchens Administrative Assistant Ext: 2-2040
Leigh Marthe Coordinator of Student Advising Ext: 2-6389
Katie Beth Ryan Librarian II Ext: 2-6366
Amelia Struthers Resource Advisor - Northern Lights at CCV Ext: 2-6384